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Samsung Caught Posting DSLR Image in a Bid to Sell Galaxy A8 – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 6 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Samsung Caught Posting DSLR Image in a Bid to Sell Galaxy A8

Samsung Galaxy billboard
Image Credits: Flickr Jason Tester Guerrilla Futures

Samsung’s Malaysian arm has been caught lying with its test photo for Galaxy A8. The truth is that Samsung has a lot to answer to its consumers as it has been caught using DSLR images to sell its Galaxy A8 phone. The picture used was taken from Getty Images. The photographer, Dunja Djudjic revealed the truth in a statement. But there’s no possibility of a lawsuit against the firm, as most of these mobile sellers post images with a rider that these are for presentation purposes only. So, are all the ads with these riders indicate towards the same possibility?



Boeing Unknowingly Sold Satellite Tech to China

A Satellite in space
Image Credits: Pixabay WikiImages

A Los Angeles based startup had ordered a satellite for its South Africa project from Boeing. But neither the U.S. government noticed or the satellite maker that the company was owned by Beijing. The startup is owned directly by the Chinese authority as the money used to order the satellite is directly funded by the Chinese State.



Facebook Loosens its Policy on Copying its Features by Developers, A Tactic to Save Itself?

Facebook CEO picture
Image Credits: Flickr Alessio Jacona

Facebook previously used to block any developer from copying its features. But now it has opened up to the idea of letting the developers on its platform to copy features similar to its own. Some believe that it’s doing it to provide itself with a safeguard for scandal probe and project itself as an open source platform. Alas, Facebook itself was copying the features of other social media companies from time to time.



Microsoft Killing Edge for its Own Chromium Browser

Microsoft Edge launch picture
Image Credits: Flickr Sctut sc

Three years ago Microsoft introduced the Edge browser, but now it has decided to end this piece of technology and go in the direction of a Chromium-based browser. Soon all the Windows 10 users will use a Chromium default browser on their Windows system. Windows Central was the first to break the news. The project is codenamed ‘Anaheim.’



Alibaba Beats Google with its Voice Assistant, Google is Just Catching up or is it?

Jack Ma gesturing
Image Credits: Flickr Evan Carmichael

Alibaba takes millions of requests on its homegrown automated voice-based bot agent. According to users its way ahead of Google’s recently launched Duplex. Despite Google’s voice assistant’s near human-like sound, it makes several mistakes. But Alibaba’s voice assistant is able to maneuver through distractions and complex conversations. The voice agent of Alibaba is smooth, whereas Google is just catching up with it or is it at all?



StorySign App From Huawei Converts Kids’ Story Books into Sign Language

A kid reading story book sitting on a window sill
Image Credits: Pixabay

The Chinese electronics giant Huawei has used AI technologies such as optical character recognition and image recognition for something good. Its latest Android app, StorySign can translate kids’ storybooks into sign language. The app is a result of collaboration between Huawei and the European Union for Deaf, a non-profit organization. StorySign has the ability to affect the lives of up to 460 million deaf people across the globe.


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