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Run a Successful Business with Wrike Project Management Software

The success of any business depends on how efficiently and effectively it completes projects, outperforming the competition and responding immediately to customer needs. Collaboration and access to important data is critical for teams to be able to get things done quickly and produce their best work, which is where project management tools come in. If you’re looking for project management software that helps teams organize and plan projects, track progress, and improve work results and productivity, take a look at Wrike.


Key Project Management Features

Wrike’s cloud-based collaboration and project management software has a modern, user-friendly interface that’s easily customizable. Organize your work into a series of folders and subfolders however you wish, whether by company department, client, project, urgency, etc.


You can choose to share tasks and folders with colleagues and user groups, or keep them private. Discuss work updates, provide instruction or feedback, or ask for assistance in task comments instead of sending emails. Wrike also lets you upload files directly to the relevant task, so important documents are always up-to-date and easy to find.

Wrike’s project management tools include an interactive Gantt chart for easy project planning. You can drag and drop on the timeline itself to adjust your plan, set milestones, and ensure your project is progressing as planned. You can also use visual analytics and customizable reports to check team productivity, balance everyone’s workload, and compare your initial plan with how work is actually progressing.

Collaboration Tools for Better Teamwork

Because Wrike is an online project management software, your team can access their work from anywhere, on any device  with an internet connection. Team collaboration is easier than ever with the @mention feature, where you can send an instant notification to a specific colleague or user group to request assistance, approval, or input, or simply notify them of an important update.

Managing a project becomes less cumbersome, as project leads can simply browse the real-time Activity Stream newsfeed to quickly catch up on all work updates and discussions on the tasks they follow, without asking each and every team member for a status update. Wrike’s email integrations allow you to turn emails into Wrike tasks with a single click, so all your to-dos are in one place. Dozens of other integrations, including Google Apps, cloud storage, Salesforece, and Zapier, help teams easily add Wrike to their toolkit.

Because so many of today’s workers rely on smartphones and tablets to get work done while on the go, Wrike’s software for project management is also available as free mobile apps for iOS and Android. To help its users improve their productivity and project management success, Wrike also publishes several free ebooks and articles on the Wrike Blog.

To help users get started with Wrike, tutorials and webinars are available via their YouTube channel:

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Wrike offers a variety of plans to accommodate teams of any size. The Free plan includes 5 users and basic task management features. The Professional plan has 2 options: 5 users for $49/month, and 15 users for $99/month, with a variety of project management features. The Enterprise plan offers extra customizations, storage, and advanced project management features.

Wrike is powerful and easy to use project management software, for both small professional teams and enterprise organizations looking to enhance productivity and collaboration. You can start a free 2-week trial of Wrike to check it out for yourself.

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