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Roopam Sharma, the ‘Chronic Innovator’ You Probably Never Heard of

In the year 1995, a maverick was born; destined to change the lives of millions of visionless around the world. Coincidentally, it’s the same year Elon Musk started his entrepreneurship journey and later altered the path of the car industry. Today, at the age of 23, Roopam Sharma is no less than a personality comparable to the likes of Steve Jobs or Elon Musk himself.

Coming from a humble background, Roopam was born in Faridabad and did his B.Tech from Manav Rachna University. Gifted with the knack of genius, Roopam has made it viable for the blinds to read with the help of his device called Manovue. Also, his innovation can bring smartphone technology to over 285 million users who are either fully or partially blind.

Manovue, a Revolution in the Making

Image Credits: Manovue Facebook

Manovue is a simple wearable glove with a camera that integrates with a mobile app and let its user read printed text. All it takes is the movement of the finger over the targeted text and the mobile app synthesis it and reads the text to the user. Not just reading, but the device is capable of letting a blind person avoid hurdles and walk freely. In effect, it let the blind use a smartphone. If this product becomes mainstream, which it should, it could replace braille and help rebuild the lives of blinds across the globe.

Back in 2016, Roopam was awarded the famed ‘Gifted Citizen Prize.’ He’s also the recipient of the Innovators Under 35 by MIT Technology Review. And has over a dozen more awards from various other institutions to his name. Calling himself “a chronic innovator,” he truly defines the way for a young scientist set out to change the social structure covering the visually disabled.

Currently living in Washington D.C, Roopam has worked with Eyeluminati to bring Manovue to the public. Being the first intelligent personal assisting device for a visually impaired, it still has a long way to go.

What the Future Holds for Manovue?

Sadly of all the blinds in India, a shocking 94% can’t read braille. And a looming unemployment rate of 85% among the visually challenged is devastating for the community. Manovue can change this scenario, provided that proper steps are taken to develop and spread it.

So far, the device has shown promise. Initial tests prove the value of the device. If the blinds are able to read, they would no longer require the use of braille. This would lead to literacy and high job rate among the blinds in the country. In the day and age of smartphones and instant transfer of information, braille is an obsolete medium. It can no longer assist visually impaired. Manovue will hopefully replace this archaic way of learning for the blind soon.

Starting from his university, Roopam Sharma is all set to reform the way blinds interact with the world. In his own words “, if you can dream it, you can make it” shows the optimism in this young innovator. Because of his innovations importance, Roopam is certain to take a place among the top revered tech brass in the world.

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