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It is truly said that a picture is worth a thousand words. We all click and share pictures but at times we wish if we had a chest in which all our photos could be safeguarded for our entire lifetime and whenever we feel like we were able to unravel millions of mysteries linked to a single photo.

Cloud services today have made it possible to carry your data wherever you want them to but social networks are the hub where we share our pictures and personal memories. Wouldn’t it be nice if somehow we could link both of them to create our own photo treasure chest for our entire family and for the generations to come. Well, is one such virtual cloud service that allows you to cherish all those memories for years to come.










It provides you a virtual cloud space to share all your photos, your family members’ photos, photos in which you were tagged, your public photos and many more in a single and intuitive user interface that will amaze you and bring a smile on your face every time you have a walk through it. links all your cloud and social networking profiles to itself so that you can access photos from wherever you want them. That way all your precious photo memories will be preserved for the entire lifetime at a single place.


It provides you the power of creating your own private account that only you can access. You can copy pictures from your profile, your friends or family profiles or wherever you are on the internet to your own collection which will be customized as per your own needs. It will be your private collection and only you will be able to access it and see it.


Now gather all your photos scattered across various services and different devices at a single place. With you are able to create and modify your own personal album and send it to any photo printing service or keep it with you for those special occasions. Move your photos from wherever you want to your album the way you feel like. The album will be personalized entirely by you as per your connections and tastes.


You can share your photos and albums with whoever you want with full confidence that you will be able to control who will be able to view your photos and albums and who not. You can also send them copies of your photos and albums to spread that smile on their faces. So make full resolution copies from your own photos and albums and share them with your loved ones and special people in your life.

So you can now share your moments with your family and friends with a new and innovative private family sharing channel You can view the entire family photo collection on your mobile phone, tablet or even your smart TV. So on this anniversary make it something really special for your grandparents and gift them a full family photo gallery show on their TV or iPad and relive those emotional and happy moments with your entire family once again. allows you to gather your photos scattered all over the virtual world including Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Google Plus, Shutterfly, SnugMug, Snapfish, Dropbox and many more cloud and social sharing services. Share them with your family so that they may be able to choose via which channel or medium do they want to access their entire heirloom photo collection. Be it their smart phones, their tablets, online channels or their smart TVs, they can now enjoy them from anywhere they want and any time they want it all at a single space in the virtual world.

So, collaborate with today and please yourself and your loved ones with personalized collection of precious captured moments from all across the virtual world in their respective accounts. Sign up now to enjoy these awesome benefits. If you face any difficulties or have any precious suggestions or feedbacks, will appreciate you sharing your thoughts with them. The website is developed to facilitate a perfect communication system with the users, so make use of it whenever you feel like.

Hope that the service brings smiles on your faces and your loved ones too.

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