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Robot Package Delivery is Live in the UK – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 6 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Robot Package Delivery is Live in the UK

Starship robot in motion

Starship, the robot package delivery service provider has started its operations in the UK and has plans to launch the same in the U.S by end of 2018. Customers can get their parcels delivered to this Startup and then order it to get delivered to their address at an appropriate time and track the delivery through an app. The company feels that this is a perfect solution for those who are worried about their package being stolen.



Pentagon Keen on Using Social Media to Predict Anti-Trump Protests

People walking in a march

Pentagon is using surveillance on social media to predict anti-Trump protests. This has come to light after a careful study of Pentagon’s latest patent filings and policy changes that indicate towards social media surveillance, according to Motherboard.



Volkswagen in Pact With Mobileye to Produce Isreal’s First Autonomous Ride-Hailing Cabs

Mobile eye

The joint venture between Volkswagen and Mobileye will together produce ride-hailing autonomous services in Isreal, starting early 2019. The joint venture has plans to commercialise it by 2022. Also, the JV will work with Campion Motors to manage its fleet of electric vehicles. The Isreali government has given its green signal to this project.



America on the Path to Energy Dominance, Approves Arctic Oil Drill Plan

Trump Doll

The Trump administration has given its nod for Arctic oil drilling explorations. Hilcorp Energy, a private company will soon start drilling the Arctic for oil in the Beaufort Sea. The location is six miles off the coast of Alaska. This latest order fulfils Trump’s pledge to open more offshore drillings. One of the Interior Secretary said that this new initiative will put Americans on the path to energy dominance.



Canada Becomes The Second Country to Legalise Cannabis

Cannabis user

After the U.S. Canada has now legalised cannabis for recreational use by adults. The experts are on the fence when it comes to the effects of such a decision with cannabis. However, all agree that it will give an opportunity to the researchers to study cannabis more easily and find out how it will affect society.



Russian Search Engine Giant Yandex’s Record Growth

Yandex building

Russia’s biggest search engine provider has recorded its highest growth in six years. Yandex is heavily used in Russia and it serves many categories, up to 70. It has its presence in over 20 countries and is looking to expand further. Yandex shares have also surged by almost 8%.


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