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Review for is a site that focuses on providing coupons for all those online shoppers who are looking to make savings on their purchases. Not only coupons but they also tell you about deals of the day from all leading online shopping portals like Amazon, ebay, flipkart, snapdeal and many others. There are lot of other sites offering coupons so what is different here?

For starters this is a site that will appeal to people who want things to be kept simple and not be bombarded with technicalities. The layout is really simple but at the same time is quite effective. There are no unnecessary design elements and is really clean looking. You know you will not have to waste time looking for the things you want.

It is easy to make out that though the design is simple, it is unmistakably professional. The color scheme of dark blue and white as well as the simple fonts gives the site a no-nonsense straight to the point approach.

The navigation on is fairly easy. You have a section with the products of the day on the left as well as fresh coupons and on the right you have a list of on-line shopping sites which is divided into different categories like Mega stores, Fashion Store and many others. The product of the day and fresh coupons sections show images of the products and sites.

Another thing is that though they have a lot of pictures on the site, it doesn’t take time for the page to load. The images are clear as well. Each picture also has captions which tell where the deal is from and the savings you will be making. So, even if your browser does not load the graphics fast you can see the caption and get an idea. What is not great is that on clicking on an image on the product of the day section you just get a view of the image. It would be better idea to navigate to some place where you could get further details for finalizing the deals when clicking on the image. On the bright side this problem was observed only on clicking some images.

When you click on an image in the fresh coupons section you are led to even more deals and coupons on the left and a hot deal section on the right of the page. If you click further on the images then you land up on the site offering the deal.

One thing that you expect from most sites is that you should be able to click on the Contact heading and be directed to a page showing contact details. The appearance of the email-id in tiny sized letter is not what one expects as contact details for a professional site. Another minor glitch is that there are no links to any social networking site. Though, this might be in keeping with the sites approach to keeping things simple.

But, all these are minor glitches and will hopefully be rectified. On the whole the site delivers on what it promises. So, if you are an online shopper and are looking for even more savings then head to

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