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Style up yourself with RestyleMe.com !

RestyleMe is the ultimate style advice community website. Restyleme fashion advice gives users quick, precise, and effective style advice.

This is surely for all the ‘style conscious’ girls/guys who are always keen to seek style advices from their friends and peers.And it’s definitely a meaningful attempt by a fashion oriented website to utilize the power of social web to effectively generate styling advices for the users of the site by other peers.

RestyleMe,a fashion oriented website lets you upload your photographs and receive positive-negative comments through the community over your looks,clothing,hairs,accessories and whatever that matters in styling one’s appearance.

But here,you don’t get a vague responses that you usually receive from your friends on your social network,which doesn’t help you improvise your looks in any way.

Here,the peers can mark a particular area of your picture(shirt,hairs,lips etc) and comment on that area respectively.This gives you a meaningful feedback about your looks to improvise it for better appearance.

The site majorly targets the youth(15-25) and more importantly the girls(considered more obsessed about style and looks).

In their own words,

RestyleMe is the ultimate style advice community website that features a novel way to get style advice. RestyleMe’s unique style utilities are fun to use and provide quick, precise, and effective style advice.

This is all what you can do at RestyleMe

  • Send and receive votes based on style categories
  • Write comments along with your style vote
  • Mark on photos by clicking on the photo to give more precise feedback
  • Upload and tag your photos for each style item or brand
  • Filter advice and style votes you receive from people by gender, age or location
  • Set up your style profile and show people your style
  • Search for friends and add them on your profile

There are some other competing websites like  ShareYourLook, You StyleMe, and StyleHive but RestyleMe takes an edge in letting the users point out minute details in one’s appearance(goggles,eyebrows,haircolor etc).

They are also on their way to get RestyleMe 2.0 out to the public very soon which will concentrate heavily on exchanging style advice using actual products such as shirts, pants or accessories and more.

This may also help RestyleMe figure out a viable business model for their website.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tuncay Akbas

    October 14, 2008 at 6:59 am

    Prashant, Thank you for reviewing RestyleMe. You gave a pretty good overview of RestyleMe. Only thing I want to add to this is: Those of you who are interested in seeing RestyleMe 2.0 and not already members should feel free to leave us their email addresses on our RestyleMe 2.0 details screen so we can send a them launch notification.

    Thanks and enjoy…

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