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Remove Password Windows 8 Lock screen

In this article we will tell you how to remove password windows 8 lock screen. Here’s the procedure. 

Gone are the days when you simply typed in your password and logged into your computer! Now matters have become more complicated with the advancement of technology, such that since Windows XP you need to select from a list or click on Ctrl+alt+del logging. Well Microsoft says it is for security even though we have our reservations because many of us actually have often been unable to unlock Windows 8 screen!

Why does the Lock screen appear?

Remove Password Windows 8 Lock screen Whenever the user changes or Windows boot, then the lock screen appears that has to be dragged away before the login prompt comes. On tablets and smartphones this has the notification of all the new mails and the weather and time.

But some people feel it drab in a PC and for all those who have been in the same predicament it is to tell that it is not a terribly grueling task to unlock the screen.

Just try to understand that the windows 8 login screen is meant to be a dashboard. But for reasons unknown, Microsoft has created a delay, and when you are typing if you start beforehand, probably the first few letters have not been recorded by Windows 8. Hence you notice that you have typed a wrong password.

How to disable the Windows 8 lock screen?

If you wish to remove the lock screen totally so that locking is prompt and uncomplicated then, you will have to follow this path-

1. Click on the start option and then type- gpedit.msc – pressing enter. This will take you to the “local group policy editor”.

2. There you will have to search for the option Computer configuration and then go to administrative templates. In the administrative templates, you will notice an option control panel, and there you will have to look out for option personalization.

3. Double click on the option “do not display the lock screen” and choose enabled in the dialog box. Next choose ‘OK’.

To check if the alteration has been successful, just type Win+L. You will notice that the locking has been reduced to only applying the password. If you want to make the process, even simpler then you can also let your computer go directly to Desktop using the Task Scheduler in Windows 8.

How to stop lock screen from appearing?

There is another approach to handle this problem. The former part was written for those who have already typed in a wrong password and cannot login. What if Windows 8 does not even ask you for the password? Here are the steps to do it in the other way.

1. Login to the system.

2. Take the cursor to the left side in the end and click of the right click of your mouse. An option will appear-run- and pressing the Windows +R key launch run.

3. Type “netplwiz” and press Enter.

4. Next will be click ‘OK‘.

5. A dialog box caller “user account” will pop up.

6. Write your username and tick this message away-“users must enter a username and password to use this computer”.

7. Next choose apply and then ‘OK‘.

After having done this, you will notice that there isn’t Lock screen anymore, so no question of password!

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