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How to remove links from pictures on Blogger

Here in this post we will tell you how to remove links from pictures on Blogger. Here are the complete procedure explained:

Image produces a sense of beauty in the viewer’s eye. It can be taken as an eye catcher in your blog, but the difficulty comes when you upload a lot of images that result in slow functioning of your blog. Then it becomes tiresome. The result is on clicking the image, the browser will continue displaying the image even in a new page also. The page has to be loaded again in order to get the related article. This distracts the reader of your blog.

So here is an option you can remove the link of image in BlogSpot with simple and easy steps.

This basic tutorial is going to make your blogging experience more fast and easy. There are two methods explained below.

Method 1 Remove links from pictures on Blogger

Following are easy steps to remove or disable link from uploaded image in the BlogSpot.

You are aware of image loading process in blog by compose mode.

  • As you have uploaded the image make sure, you are in Composer mode from creating a post for your blog.
  • After this you have to scroll the image down, here you need to select an image by a single click.
  • After selecting the image, you have to click on Link button, as per the image given there.
  • A pop up would be seen specifying the location of the link. Erase the link given in the box and select OK button. This removes link from the selected image.
  • You wish to make any other changer, you can do that and finally select PUBLISH POST option.

Method 2

Every instant you upload the picture on your blog, the picture tends to get linked with its original size. Now this also becomes tedious sometimes as it requires more time to upload. If you wish to remove the link of the uploaded picture from the original picture, here are some useful steps for you.

  • After uploading the picture into the blog post, you can see changing pointer style when you roll your mouse over the image, i.e. you can now click the image.
  • Now, you need to fetch the code of the picture in order to remove the link from the picture.
  • You can observe the code mentioned there, now erase the highlighted code in orange.
  • As a result, the remaining code without orange code would be present.
  • If you wish to remove the ‘pointer cursor’; also, you need to erase “cursor” part from the remaining part of the code.
  • Now your picture is free from any size and link problem, and you will see your blog working fast.
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