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RankATourist lets you gain popularity with Pics

rankatouristIn this article we will tell you about rankatourist tourist photo sharing site. Your pics are supposed to be rated on Rankatourist by the visitors.

Most of us are fond of excursions and fun trips and love taking pics here and there to capture the sweet memories forever.We also have plenty of photo-sharing sites such as Flickr to share the journey pics with family & friends.

So have another Photo sharing site with a different reason to post your journey pics.Rankatourist is a website that lets you share your pics and get the community feedback on it.Your pics are supposed to be rated on the site by the visitors which will determine the popularity of your posted pic on the site.This way,you make it to the ‘Top 20 pics’ on the site which brings in more exposure (and hence popularity).

In their own words

If you have a very original or crazy picture of you or a friend at the pyramids of Egypt, the Amazon Forest, as well as any other unique place, you can post it at RankaTourist.

It’s a tendency that ‘More crazier the pic,higher rating you may expect’ so if there are any crazier/unusual pics then you have more chances to get rated better.

Don’t you worry if you do not have any interesting picture yet. You can start rating other tourists’ pictures and find out who will turn out to be the most claimed tourist.


On the weaker note,RankaTourist’s UI is obsolete(reminds me of decade old web graphics).Even bigger problem for RankaTourist is that other popular photo sharing sites like Flickr are so well stuffed with community features such as rating,comments etc that there’s hardly anything left for newer photo sharing sites.

What Rankatourist needs to do is to start hosting competitions with monetory rewards(weekly/bi-weekly) for the ‘best rated pics’ so that reasons for uploading pics become more prominent.As it’s basically a photo sharing site(rather than a content based site),the User experience matters a lot more.They can get some ideas from other popular photo sharing sites regarding the design.

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