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Purchase MS Office 2010

Purchase MS Office 2010 by ordering MS Office 2007 now and getting a free upgrade to MS Office 2010 when it launches in June 2010.

Update(June 2010): Microsoft Office 2010 has been released to the market. For more about what you can expect out of it, read Office 2010 features.

Here’s a discrete information on various Office applications:

Office Starter 2010 does not include:


As Microsoft has already announced the month of Office 2010 launch, another move has just been made by Vole in alliance with Microsoft to spike the declining sales of Microsoft Office 2007.

It is a similar move which was taken earlier by Microsoft to pre-sell Windows 7 and boost Windows Vista sales before the launch. Windows Vista was offered at a discounted price along with a free upgrade to Windows 7, months before the scheduled launch of Windows 7.

From a marketing standpoint, the strategy is great for the product sellers as the hype surrounding the product works hugely in favor of pre-selling of the product and helps squeezing the most out of the existing product version.

But sometimes, the users feel unhappy with being pre-selled as they surrender themselves to the yet to launch product purely on the basis of hype, without having any sort of actual user feedback.

But in this case, as millions of users have already tried out Office 2010 Beta, there’s hardly any doubt about the capability and feature additions in Office 2010 among the Beta tester community.

The offer is open until December 31, 2009. Grab it fast if you want to !

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