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Preplogic : A Smarter Way To Kickstart your IT Career

preplogic logoPreplogic is an online training source for A+ certifications, CCNA, MCSE. The training material mainly comprises of Audio training, video lectures and e-books.

IT Industry is probably the most dynamic industry compared to any other industry. The basic IT fundamentals keeps on evolving, latest technologies keep on replacing the older ones and ever-increasing competition makes it even tougher for IT companies, from small to large, to keep up with the cashflows, especially in the days of recession.

And the same scenario holds true for IT employment as well. Fast technological advancement always puts across a challenge for experienced IT professionals to keep on updating their skillset and knowledge for sustaining themselves in the industry. And if that’s the situation of experienced professionals, entry-level IT technicians are bound to face even tougher competition and need to have Industry endorsed credentials to stand apart in a crowd & prove their worth in this lucrative industry.

As a starter in the field of IT, for validating and leveraging your IT skills, you need certifications that hold market value and can get you a job you might be struggling for. In case, you are looking to start your career in IT, the most preferred and industry endorsed Entry level certifications are CCNA, MCSE and CompTIA’s  A+ certifications and it certainly requires a foundational IT training to pass any of these Entry level IT certification exams. This is exactly where Preplogic can play a critical role for you.


Preplogic is an online training source for A+ certifications, CCNA, MCSE and other IT related certifications. The training material mainly comprises of Audio training, video lectures and e-books related to specific topics to be covered. When we got a chance to review the detailed study material provided by Preplogic for CompTIA’s A+ Certification Training , we were pleasantly surprised by the ease & content quality of audio/visuals along with the textual training material provided.

After hearing a couple of audio lectures provided to us for review, we could easily realize its value for an entry-level trainee, who’s looking to build a strong foundation with relevant IT skills & knowledge and wants to kickstart his career as an IT technician.

We would recommend you to grab a Free A+ Study guide , which will help you make a wise decision in choosing your training source for CompTIA’s A+ certification. On their site, you can also catch up some introductory videos to take a sneak peak into Preplogic’s offerings and quality standards.

Summing it up, Preplogic stands firm on its Content quality. If you’re looking for a training source for getting skilled enough and earning industry endorsed certifications, you can trust on Preplogic !

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