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Preloaded Wallets – Secure Wallets Preloaded with Cryptocurrencies

“Preloaded Wallets” is a start-up founded by Justin Farber in December 2017. The company offers preloaded cryptocurrency wallets to help new investors who might not have enough technical expertise to buy or sell cryptocurrencies through exchanges. It helps investors who are new to cryptocurrencies to get started investing in a secure and hassle-free manner.

As the adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to become widespread, preloaded cryptocurrency wallets can make for excellent gifts and are much more useful than gift cards. They are the only trusted company which sells preloaded cryptocurrency hardware wallets at a reasonable price. You should never store your cryptocurrencies in exchanges as they are vulnerable to hacking and you can lose your funds anytime. Hardware wallets are the safest and most reliable ways to store your coins.

Preloaded Wallets

Preloaded Wallets solves the two common problems new investors face when investing in cryptocurrencies: security and difficulty. They will do all the tough work for you so that you don’t have struggle registering exchange and getting your account approved, manage your wallets and deal with all security risks associated with exchange wallets. Nonetheless, they do provide valuable information and how-to guides regarding investing in cryptocurrencies through their newsletters and blogs.

The various cryptocurrencies currently offered by us are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum. They will preload these coins in Ledger Nano S, which is the industry-leading safest and the most secure hardware wallet. You can learn more about these coins through their newsletters and blog. You can also follow them on their social media channels like Twitter and check out all the coin information such as volume, market cap and the current price at CoinMarketCap.

You can also order a brand new, factory-sealed Ledger Nano S wallet from their website for just $100 including the shipping cost which is the cheapest price available online for wallets shipping from the U.S. You can also follow them on eBay for limited-time deals and auctions for new wallets with bids starting as low as $0.99. Even if you are comfortable in purchasing cryptocurrencies through exchanges like and Coinbase, you can still purchase the preloaded hardware wallets from them at a cheaper price.

You can get $100 worth of your preferred coin preloaded in Ledger Nano S wallet through their standard $250 package. Currency conversions will be calculated based on the average market price from CoinMarketCap during the time of order placement. Even if you are comfortable purchasing cryptocurrencies through exchanges, you should still protect your investment by purchasing a hardware wallets.


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