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PRchitects: Offering Result-driven PR Services at Competitive Prices

PRchitects is a modern-day PR agency designed to help the startups through effective, affordable, and time-tested campaign processes. When the business marketing is going increasingly digital, the expert services of PRchitects is the path defining success to small businesses. The PR agency also offers three unique services to the vast startup ecosystem apart from its media coverage plan: Startup Marketing, App Marketing, and Crypto Marketing.

The PR and Media Coverage


The firm’s PR and media coverage plans are holistic and guaranteed to produce results. It keeps an aggressive outreach to hundreds of journalists per month to ensure maximum results for its clients. PRchitects offers 24/7 support via Email and Skype, and an account manager would work with each client to design their goals with the program. The PR agency prepares engaging and thoughtful contents using its qualified team of writers. It also makes active campaigns online to ensure digital domination for its clients.

Startup Marketing

The service of PRchitects focuses on two important factors when it comes to Startup Marketing. Firstly, it focuses on improving the visibility of the particular startup in the online world. Secondly, increasing the brand reputation through proven strategies. To make its campaigns highly successful and comprehensive, PRchitects created a network of over 30,000 media relationships as well as PR consultants. The firm uses the following techniques as part of its Startup Marketing service:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing and SEO
  • Video Advertising
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Brand Management

App Marketing

PRchitects focuses on positioning the mobile apps of businesses among the targeted group of customers and strategizing to generate right opportunities in the mobile app ecosystem. While coming to App Marketing, the PR firm is specific to address the needs of its clients. Therefore, the PR consultants of the firm research about the particular app as well as the target market, brainstorm, and create unique marketing strategies. The App marketing offered by the firm centers on two major goals:

  • Target the relevant audience and increase the app download
  • Enhance the sales and drive exceptional ROI

Crypto Marketing

PRchitects is also focused on serving the marketing needs of the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets around the world. It has created an excellent network of suppliers, partners, and clients from various sectors to efficiently offer what is required for the clients. The firm defines its marketing strategy by understanding what the crypto customers value. It creates customized campaigns based on the needs of the clients and by understanding specifics of the targeted market.

Plans and Pricing

The firm offers three different PR and media coverage programs to suit the needs of startups. The Starter Plan ensures guaranteed coverage of one publication and contacts up to 60 news reporters per month. The plan that charges $449/month gives one campaign at a time: guest article, press release, or special pitch. The Standard Plan, the popular plan, gives guaranteed five coverage by contacting up to 160 journalists per month. It charges $899/month, and the clients can get two campaigns at a time. The Advanced Plan offers ten publication coverage and contacts up to 360 journalists per month. It charges $2,499 and provides three campaigns at a time.


PRchitects offers unique services to ensure media coverage and PR for its clients. It is specific to address the needs of the clients from different industries with customized plans to meet their needs. The characteristics of the services include assured results through innovative strategies, excellent support, and pocket-friendly plans.

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