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Posterini Review

Go through Posterini review, which allows you to pick up any picture of yours and transform it into a high quality, innovative poster.

In today’s global markets, internet is playing a very vital role in promoting products and services. Social networking sites have made is even economical and easier to promote your services among the users very effectively and interactively.

Visual elements prove to be much better for marketing purposes than any other method. With the advent of internet, it has become very easy to share pictures over the web. But you definitely need high quality banners and posters which could be shared over the net that represent your brand with a class and with complete appropriateness. is a service that allows you to pick up any picture of yours and transform it into high quality, innovative and fully fledged posters within no time.

The website also allows you to advertise it all over the internet including your blog, social networks or any other place which you feel is appropriate for the audiences to explore your advertisement. It will not charge anything for advertising your poster.

The process is as easy as a child’s play. You start with uploading your photo on their website which should preferably be high quality and appropriate, considering your brand or service.

The website will intelligently detect the theme of your poster which is quite accurate. But if you are not satisfied, you have various poster styles to choose form such as fashion magazine, teen magazine, photo magazine, travel magazine, gossip magazine, girly magazine, review magazine etc.

If you are creating a poster related to some movie, you also have the options such as discovery movie, sci-fi movie, girly movie, adventure movie, comedy movie, drama movie, character movie etc. You also have the options to create ‘for sale’ posters.

In order to give very special touch to your poster based on your theme, you have various art filters to choose from which will definitely revolutionize you poster. You have the options of nature green, color power, illustrator, soft drawn, soft black and white, magenta light, deep black and white, texturized, blue shine and soft gold, funky and old times etc.

To integrate your poster with interactive locations, you have the option of an output magic that gives you a preview of how that poster will look at various locations such as magazines, night life, art gallery, cinema, window display, shopping mall, airport, paradise, ocean, beach etc. You can easily create a montage based on your preferred location with this service.

The text and wordings on the poster can be customized easily. On a whole the poster is fully customizable as per your needs and desires. You have the complete control of how your poster will be exhibited.

After you are satisfied with the looks of your poster, you just need to click the generate button and provide your details such as category, country, title of the poster, contact details etc. and you poster will be generated within seconds.

Posterini provides all of its basic services without any cost. This includes all posters that are created in small size. And above all these free posters are not embedded with any kind of watermarks.

But with the premium services you can do virtually anything with your posters without any size limitations, for a very small price. You have the option to get a poster with top quality and height of over 4000 pixels and a resolution of at least 13 MP at a cost of $ 4.99 and your poster will be promoted over the web for free as a complementary service provided by has definitely made it very easy and feasible for anyone to generate professional like quality posters with their own ordinary pictures within no time and with the power of complete customization in your hands.

So if you are looking forward to promote your brand or service over the virtual markets or even actual physical areas, is always at your service.

It will be advocated that you at least visit this site once and try out their service. You can experience the free poster for starters, which you are bound to love. Once you experience this amazing service, it is sure that you will be using it repeatedly in future.

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