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Photosynth Review

Here is the Photosynth’s review. It is a new service launched by Microsoft that lets its users create 3D experiences through 2D photos.It’s in the initial stages right now.

What’s that !


It’s an all new service launched by Microsoft that lets its users create 3D experiences through photos.

Photosynth,being for quite sometime in Microsoft Live Labs finally opened its doors for users on Aug 21 but the team behind this service haven’t really promoted this launch even as a ‘Beta Launch’ for Photosynth.

According to the team,there is lot more to come which will enhance the capabilities and results of the service. As there have already been a cluster of services offering some manipulation or the other on images/photos, it’s refreshing to see a service focussing on “2D to 3D transition” where photos serve as the basic input and rest is the job of the photosynth software.

Prior to their launch, they got so overwhelmed that they went down for a while to add up more capacity and restore back(which is rather a good sign) and they got a heavy response from the users on the very first day in terms of user input(more than 7727 synths created carrying 286,689 images).

After testing the service(which requires a setup download), it was a mixed reaction for this service. The 3D world experience was certainly missing but the system is likely to rise upto the expectations that it has created in the time to come.

What it offers…

  • A service that transforms 2D images into 3D world
  • It lets users input images/pics into a software that outputs with a web address that has a 3D transformation of the input

Why it can be THE NEXT BIG THING !

  • Unique – A “2D to 3D transition” with photos as input is something one would definitely like to experience. A clear indication is the heavy response of users on Day 1 of its launch.
  • Capable – However,the current status of the service isn’t that accurate (highly dependent upon user input), the future of this service looks certainly bright. They have shown some sample synths(that’s what they call the 3D output) which clearly shows up the system capability.
  • Efficient – The application runs really smooth. Even from a modest configuration PC and below average net connection, photosynth offers an efficient browsing of synths.

Why it may prove to be a Web Struggler !

  • Poor quality – Majority of users won’t put extra efforts to click a bunch of similar nature pics with different angles and precision to let the output serve better 3D experience(more synthy). They would expect the service to do everything by itself. If the service doesn’t improvise the system further, it may be a one-time affair for the users.
  • Copycats – Although,it doesn’t seem to be a big threat to Microsoft’s Photosynth, but it certainly can’t be ignored as well. Photosynth copycats are on their way to gain user traction and may eat up a chunk of users here and there.
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