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Looking to brand ‘Yourself’ ? Try PeopleJar !

Personal branding website PeopleJar. PeopleJar is a user-generated people search and connection tool aiming at connecting people across the globe.

The service is proud to present exhaustively customizable robust search features allowing to easily find a person you would like to connect with.

The best feature of PeopleJar is that you can create your own search and let the service update you of new members meeting your defined criteria.So,there is no more need to repetitively check Peoplejar for finding appropriate matches,the system will itself alert you about any matches according to your input.

In their own words

PeopleJar allows you to create detailed profiles of specific attributes in any field to be found You can also create and save targeted attribute-driven searches to express who you are specifically looking for.


So is it YASN ? (Yet Another Social Network)

Not really.Unlike other social networking sites, PeopleJar provides an aggregate platform for users who need to meet people in more than one area of their lives. It is like a compilation of numerous,interest-specific sites,in a single location.

PeopleJar provides many ways to promote yourself to the world. Whether it’s for business, a hobby, friendships, or networking, they provide the tools for you to be found. Join networks and fill out relevant profiles so others can find you.You may attach media to your profiles to show off your work.

This california based service,founded by Alexander A. Alexandrov started operating from the month of september and is looking for a wider audience at the moment(massive audience is what keeps such services active).

The biggest challenge for them will be to make the people believe that it’s not YASN.They can probably do some feature additions or re-think over their ‘packaging'(sort of “A place for Personal Branding”).

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