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Here is the OSTATIC review. is an open source products and software galaxy. It is another website from Gigaom network which aims to feature the upcoming open source technology.

What’s that !


Open source technology and softwares have been virally creeping into the category of “Web Necessity” for web developers and online users.

Reason : The ever growing standards and quality of the Open source softwares and their endless contribution to new age technology. Hence keeping an eye over crucial Open source products is a tough task.

Here comes the medicine to fix this issue., an open source products and softwares galaxy.This is another website from the GigaOm network(headed by Om Malik) which aims to feature the upcoming Open source technology and its significant outcomes at a high frequency.

OStatic comprises of a team of editors who have been extensively into Open source stuff for the past few years and promise to come up with relevant open source technology, news, events, softwares and related stuff.

gigaom site

What it offers…

  • A way to get the latest Open source softwares at one place
  • Get the Open source trends and blurbs from silicon valley and other tech cities
  • A place to let Open source fraternity and discuss upcoming news and web products

Why it can be THE NEXT BIG THING !

  • Exponential Interest – Those days are gone when a handful of IT giants used to influence the software & technology usage in a drastic way. People are going OpenSource, thanks to their indirect monetization strategies.
  • Trusted Network – It is good to rely on the resources one trusts on. OStatic comes from the GigaOm network,which is a remarkable weblog in Tech Blogging arena. Hence, any news arriving on OStatic can be trusted with no doubts.
  • Heavily Stuffed – OStatic has launched around 150 K+ OSS(Open source softwares) and about 30K+ PSS (Proprietary source softwares), which is quiet a stuff to browse.
  • Propulsive Start-off – A good website with a great Launch makes a Deadly combination. A GigiOm backing and followed media & web publicity will definitely add to the OStatic ‘s reach.

Why it may prove to be a Web struggler !

  • Healthy Competitors – When it’s about Open source Blogs, there are some other ones which are already there in the market and having their decent presence on the web : TheOpenforce , TheOpenroad , Rand($thoughts)
  • Lacks conventional market – Inspite of Open source, being a significant player in IT industry, OStatic still has to grow in a situation where the majority follows the Proprietary softwares and technologies
  • Core concept – Core concepts are good but miss out from attracting the masses. An Open source technology blog has a market but a limited one. One shouldn’t expect OStatic to someday attract a huge traffic like Wired because of being non-generic approach.
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