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OpenAI will use Reddit Posts to train ChatGPT & other AI Models

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OpenAI will use Reddit Posts to train ChatGPT & other AI Models

OpenAI has struck a deal with social media platform Reddit that will allow OpenAI to use Reddit content to train ChatGPT and its other AI models. Training ChatGPT on Reddit content could make the chatbot’s responses more comprehensive and up-to-date with current online conversations. Reddit is a platform known for a wide variety of topics and discussions, which could enhance ChatGPT’s ability to handle diverse queries. This deal is similar to the one Reddit made with Google earlier this year, which was reportedly worth $60 million. The deal could be a way for Reddit to diversify its revenue stream by allowing its vast amount of user-generated content to be used for AI training.


Threads is testing ‘TweetDeck’ like feature

Meta’s Threads is testing a new feature that resembles X’s paid feature ‘TweetDeck,’ which has been rebranded as ‘X Pro’ since last year. During the testing phase, Threads will offer a web-based interface with multiple columns, similar to TweetDeck. Users can personalize their experience by creating “pinned columns” for specific interests. These columns can display real-time feeds of content related to chosen topics, accounts, searches, or saved posts. This new feature could be a way to attract users who prefer a more customizable and real-time experience, similar to what TweetDeck offered before becoming a paid service. Overall, this test is a significant development for Threads. If successful, it could make the platform more appealing to users who crave a more tailored and dynamic social media experience.


ChatGPT users can now import files directly from Google Drive & Microsoft OneDrive

Starting from today, ChatGPT will have the capability to import files directly from external cloud drives like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. However, this feature will only be available to paid users. Following this update, ChatGPT can now directly access and understand various file types stored in your cloud drives. This includes common document formats like Google Docs, Microsoft Word, spreadsheets, and presentations. Previously, users had to download files from their cloud storage (like Google Drive or OneDrive) to their local device and then upload them to ChatGPT. This new update eliminates that extra step, allowing for a more streamlined workflow. For users who are concerned about their privacy, they can make changes to their data control, ensuring their data won’t be used for training.


TikTok is testing 60-minute video in a challenge to YouTube

TikTok is testing water with much longer videos by testing 60 minutes video on its platform. Currently, the ability to upload 60-minute videos is only available to a select group of users in certain regions. This marks a significant change for TikTok, which is primarily known for short-form videos that are typically not more than 60 seconds. Gradually, the time limit has been extended, reaching 10 minutes in 2022. This 60-minute test marks a major jump. The extended video length is seen as a move to compete more directly with YouTube, the dominant platform for longer video content. By allowing creators to upload longer videos, TikTok might attract YouTubers and viewers who crave a wider variety of content lengths on the app.


Sony Music warns over ‘illegal’ use of its content to train AI  

Sony Music recently sent out a warning letter to over 700 tech companies and music streaming services. It warned them over unauthorized use of its music content, including songs, recordings, and potentially even metadata and lyrics, to train artificial intelligence systems. Sony Music emphasized that AI development shouldn’t come at the expense of artists’ rights and control over their work. It further argued that AI development should involve permission and fair compensation for artists and rights holders. Sony Music’s actions might be the first of many. Other rights holders in the music industry could also follow suit, once again highlighting the contentious issue of copyrighted content in the age of AI development.

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