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OpenAI to Launch new Privacy Control Features in ChatGPT

Here is the top trending news from the world of technology. News that we feel every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.


OpenAI to launch new Privacy Control Features in ChatGPT

OpenAI on Tuesday announced in its official blog post that it soon plans to launch new subscription tier called ‘ChatGPT Business.’ This soon-to-be launched subscription plan will give users more control over their data. This basically implies that ChatGPT won’t save users’ conversation history and use the data to improve its AI data set. In a nutshell, ChatGPT is rolling out a sort of incognito mode through this subscription model. This move comes weeks after Italy become the first country in the world to ban ChatGPT over privacy control issue. However, OpenAI still hasn’t clarified when it plans to launch this new subscription model and how much price it will charge for the same.



Crypto Exchange Coinbase Sues SEC over Crypto Regulations

The leading crypto exchange Coinbase filed a law suit against Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Monday. The lawsuit is basically forcing the SEC to publicly share the response to its July 2022. In this petition, Coinbase asked SEC whether the crypto industry can be regulated within the existing regulations and legal framework. While SEC never responded to this petition, it has been taking punitive actions against barrage of crypto players including Coinbase over the last few months. As early as last month (March), the stock market regulator warned Coinbase that it will soon take a legal action through Wells notice. The SEC’s backlash against the crypto industry has been intensifying especially in the aftermath of FTX scandal.



Microsoft and Google’s quarterly results beat Wall Street Expectations


Microsoft and Google, currently locked in an AI battle, announced their quarterly results on Tuesday. Microsoft reported a 9% increase in its profit with its quarterly profit standing at $18.3 Bn and overall revenue at $52.9 Bn. The company announced good results on the back of a booming cloud computing business and also said that it is pinning hopes on AI to spearhead its future growth. Google, on other hand, announced a net profit of nearly $15 Bn in the first quarter of 2023 while its quarterly revenue stood at almost $70 Bn. Google’s good quarterly results had a claiming effect on investors as many are worried over recent challenge to its search engine business by Microsoft’s Bing.


Spotify surpasses 500 Mn Monthly Active Users

While announcing its quarterly results on Monday, Spotify announced a new milestone of clocking over 500 Mn monthly active users. This is a sharp increase of nearly 22% compared to the last year and 5% increase as against the previous quarter. As for paid subscribers, they now stand at 210 Mn, a 15% increase year-over-year basis. However, the Swedish streaming giant would not have achieved this milestone without resorting to cost-cutting measures. Earlier this year, the company would cut nearly 6% jobs from its global work force, affecting almost 600 employees across the world.


Republicans target President Biden with fully AI generated Ad   

U.S President Joe Biden on Tuesday officially announced that he is running for reelection as the U.S. President. Biden’s announcement was greeted with barrage of television and social media ads that were launched by its rival Republican party. While the timing of these ads is not really surprising, what is unique about these ads that many of them have been fully generated by use AI technology. The Republican National Committee (RNC), which looks after Republican party’s election campaign,  told Axios that it was first time that it had used a video that was made entirely with AI. The common theme that runs across all these AI generated ads is that reelecting President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris would spell disaster for the U.S.

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