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OpenAI inks Content Deal with Wall Street Journal’s owner News Corp

Here are the top trending news from the world of technology. News that every tech enthusiast will keep a tab on.


OpenAI inks Content Deal with Wall Street Journal’s owner News Corp

OpenAI and News Corp have announced a landmark multi-year global partnership. The financial details of the deal are still not known. With this deal, OpenAI will gain permission to use current and archived content from a wide range of News Corp publications. This includes well-known financial publications like The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s, alongside general news outlets like The Times and The Sun. Beyond content access, the deal also involves News Corp sharing journalistic expertise. This could involve helping OpenAI identify reliable sources, understand bias within content, and ensure responsible use of information in its AI products. By incorporating content from trusted news sources, OpenAI products like ChatGPT could become more reliable for users seeking factual information. Overall, this deal will help in increasing the credibility of OpenAI.


Magic Editor starts rolling out to older Google phones

Magic Editor, a popular AI-powered photo editing tool from Google, is finally making its way to older Google phones. if you have an older Pixel phone, keep an eye out for the Magic Editor button in your Google Photos app. However, since the rollout will happen slowly you may have to wait for few days or weeks before you start seeing the Magic Editor button. Magic Editor button requires some hardware requirements including 4GB RAM, Android 8.0 and a 64-bit chipset. Launched in October 2023, Magic Editor lets you do some cool stuff like erasing unwanted objects, changing skies, resizing subjects, and applying special effects.


Humane, the maker of Ai Pin, is reportedly looking for a buyer

Humane, the company behind the much-talked-about but poorly received Ai Pin, is looking for a new owner. This development comes after the product was bombarded with negative reviews following its official launch in April. Customers criticized its slow response time, inaccurate results, and overheating issues. According to reports, Humane is likely to quote a price between $750 million and $1 billion, though some experts believe it’s an unrealistic price given the Ai Pin’s poor performance. Before the launch, Humane was valued at around $850 million. It will be interesting to see if Humane finds a buyer at their desired price point.


Snap ‘s AR lenses arriving on Chrome through an extension

Snap’s popular AR lenses are coming to Chrome browser through an extension called Snapchat Camera for Chrome. This extension enables the AR lenses directly into your webcam and gives you access to vast library of AR Lenses based on current trends and festive themes; allowing you to use all sorts of fun and creative lenses during video calls, livestreams, and even video recordings. You’re also free to use your own custom lenses. Overall, if you’re looking to add a touch of fun and flair to your video calls and recordings, then the Snapchat Camera for Chrome extension is definitely worth checking out. You can find this extension on the Chrome Web Store.


TikTok launches its Symphony AI suite for Advertisers

TikTok just launched its Symphony AI suite, a set of tools designed to help advertisers in creating effective and eye-catchy ad campaigns. Its most standout tool includes ‘Symphony Creative Studio.’ It’s an AI video generator that can create TikTok-ready videos based on minimal input from advertisers. They can provide details about their product, target audience, or campaign goals, and the AI will generate short, engaging videos tailored for TikTok. The suite also offers a vast library of ready-made videos that brands can use for their campaigns. These can be generated based on existing assets from TikTok Ads Manager or product information provided by the brand. However, this AI suite is in testing phase and currently only select group of users can use it.

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