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Microsoft Unveils All New Windows 8 Logo

Official windows 8 logo design has been revealed to the public.

Microsoft has finally dropped the curtains off its all new logo for upcoming Windows 8 and we must say that even the logo is literally inspired from the Metro design language that Microsoft has been replicating in all its products and services now.

The new Windows 8 logo is simple yet powerful and gives a beautiful feel as the design language is very subtle and fresh.

And this time around, Microsoft chose to take the meaning of ‘Windows’ quite literally as the logo looks like an actual “Window” and not just another random mockup.

For coming up with this design, Microsoft called for many renowned design companies and Pentagram, a popular brand in design industry came up with the design, which is now going to be the welcome logo on tens of millions of PCs and tablets in coming future.

The new ‘Windows 8’ logo has one big surprise though. This time around, the color selection has been pretty simple and Microsoft has chosen to have a mono-colored logo, very different from all the designs they have had in their two-decade long history of Windows OS.

Everyone may not like it at the very first glance as four colored Windows logos have almost become symbolic in any Windows user. And this cyan-colored Windows 8 logo may not get down too well with everyone out there but hey, when in this world, does any new radical thing, satisfies everyone out there!

Microsoft Windows 8 logo is also a hint towards Microsoft’s plan that it’s so called codename “Windows 8” may actually become the product name of next version of Windows too. By now, everyone is so well verse with the name “Windows 8” that Microsoft may not like to introduce a new name in place of it.

An official logo with “Windows 8” tells a lot about the naming strategy for Microsoft’s next Windows OS and it appears that Microsoft may continue with the so-far established “Windows 8” as the official name for their next operating system.

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