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OfficeAccord Review

d00e4d_45580437f67646b1bbf5e985e25fd46eOfficeAccord is a new digital bulletin board to help nurture employee kinship and create a more human workplace. This simple add-on to a company’s intranet provides four useful employee services to help employees connect and collaborate with ease. Non-business communication amongst colleagues can be conducted without adding clutter to your business email or group chats.


Connecting and collaborating with colleagues on life projects has never been easier. Employees can post classifieds through the Buy & Sell module. The Events module helps colleagues organize community or social activities. Carpooling can help alleviate parking congestionand promote ecofriendly transportation. The Housing module enables employees to post rental or even vacation homes that are up for grabs.


With single-sign-on and active directory integration, this tool adds hardly no business overhead. Security and data confidentiality is protected thanks to encryption and cloud hosting at the highest level.

This employee bulletin board is easy to use thanks to its intuitive design. As a safeguard, built in monitoring mechanisms enable inappropriate posts to be immediately reported and removed from view. Thanks to the mobile friendly platform, users have access to these four features enabling them to stay connected with their colleagues. Mapping features help users GPS events and carpools on the go.


In short, if building a people-first workplace is important to your organization, try enhancing the way employees connect & communicate with OfficeAccord.

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