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Office Web Apps for Enterprise

Update: Office Web apps for Enterprise has finally been launched and it’s been branded as Microsoft Office 365.

Office web apps for enterprise are rightly called so as the service is not a client end software but a subscription based service, available 7 days a week, 365 days an year for enterprises on a per-user basis.

As the user agents could vary from one enterprise to another, this flexible model of allowing to buy a per-user subscription per month is much more convenient from enterprise’s perspective. In fact, this allows a whole range of SMEs to large companies to avail the services, without having to shell out money for resources that are left underutilized.

As Office Web Apps for Enterprise is yet to release for companies and enterprises, we have brought you an introductory article on installing and administering Office Web Apps. It will majorly be useful for IT administrators and Network managers, who are generally involved in administering SharePoint Server for their enterprises.

As Office Web Apps for Enterprises are supposed to be deployed on SharePoint Foundation Server 2010, lets us brief you a little about Office Web Apps first and things you should expect from it.

Office Web Apps are web analogues of desktop based Microsoft Office 2010 applications,  which serve the purpose of presenting Office documents through a internet browser window. Office web apps use standard internet languages and tools such as HTML, JavaScript and similar others to display the documents on web. Microsoft has made all relevant efforts in making Office Web apps compatible for every browser.

Now, as you’re clear about the basic Office Web Apps and their utility, you can go ahead with installing Office Web Apps on SharePoint Server 2010. It is noteworthy here that you need not install SharePoint Server 2010 and Office Web apps on different hardware. Office web apps work flawless when installed at the top of SharePoint Server 2010.

Without much ado, here’s the deployment guide you need for installing and administering Office Web Apps on your SharePoint Server 2010.

Here are some details on Office 2010 features.

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