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‘Office for iPad’ Coming in next few weeks…

Office for ipad app images have leaked on web. The office iPad app is expected to release in coming few weeks.

We earlier reported on the upcoming official Office for iPad app but the timing wasn’t confirmed at that time. With a new information leak by the The Daily, it does appear that official Office app for iPad is not too far from launch.

The Daily posted a snap of the Office app running on an iPad. The reporter also wrote that they were given a brief demo by a Microsoftie and the overall look and feel of the app, as per the observations of the reporter, was quite reminiscent with the Metro design language, which can be observed in Windows Phone OS or yet-to-launch Windows 8.

Although Microsoft has blatantly denied the reporting done by The Daily, rumor has it that official Office version for iPad was certainly in the works for quite sometime and now, it’s only a matter of official clearances and launch of the app.

As Microsoft Business division earns more money for Microsoft than Windows division, Office team does not want to loose out of any opportunity to sell more Office apps to millions of users.

As Windows 8 tablets are still far too distant, Office for iPad could bring a fresh breeze of revenues for Microsoft and that’s been one of the key reasons why ‘Office for iPad’, despite some internal turbulance from Windows division, is being pushed to hit the iOS App store soon.

Along with this, we’re also hearing news about an updated OneNote app for iPad. Quite recently, Microsoft released official OneNote app for Android but OneNote app for iOS has been in existence for quite sometime now. Speculations are strong enough that along with Office for iPad, there will be an update to OneNote app for iOS as well, making it more Metro-ish than what it is right now..


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