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Microsoft Confirms Office 2013 for iOS and Android. Release due by March 2013

Microsoft announced that Office 2013 launch for iOS and Android are due by March 2013.

Microsoft has reportedly been noticed to focus on the cross platform compatibility of its products and services and seems especially concerned about the Microsoft Office 2013 product line.

Microsoft has revealed very interesting news for the Android and Apple users in a recent press release in Czech Republic. According to the latest announcements, the Android and iOS versions of the Microsoft Office 2013 are due to release in the beginning of the next year itself.

Petr Bobek (Microsoft’s Product Manager) has earlier confirmed that the company is planning to reveal the Android and iOS versions of the Microsoft Office 2013 soon next year. At a recent press event in Czech Republic, Petr Bobek officially revealed that these two versions will apparently be released somewhere around March 2013.

At the press release, the Czech Republic team for Microsoft confirmed that the Microsoft Office 2013 will definitely be available for Android and iOS users near future.

It was also announced that besides Windows, the Microsoft Office 2013 will also be made compatible to function smoothly on other platforms as well including Symbian, Windows RT, Windows Phone, Android, iOS and MAC OS as well.

Also it was separately made to notice that there will be new versions of Microsoft Office Web Apps available very soon. It has already been long rumored that the iOS version of Office 2013 is in the pipelines, which will allow the Apple users to have access to their Office Presentations, Office Documents and Office Spreadsheets conveniently using their Apple phones and tabs.

An another announcement was made at the Czech Republic press release which mentioned that Microsoft Office 2013 will soon be available to businesses near December 2012 and the consumer launch of Office 2013 is scheduled in somewhere around February 2013.

Microsoft also clarified that as far as Microsoft Office 365 products and other office 2013 products and services from Microsoft for mobile devices (including tabs and phones) are concerned, they are set to be made available publically from March 2013.

The spokesperson for Microsoft US stated that the company is still to announce the retail availability of the Microsoft Office 2013 products and services. He also confirmed the announcement that the Microsoft Office will work on Windows devices, Android phones and Apple phones.

As the release dates of the big Microsoft launch are nearing, the media is flooded with such interesting announcements every day. Let us just hope that this big leap planned by Microsoft will increase its market share and help Microsoft to establish itself in the Mobile market as well. With this cross platform releases, it is speculated that Microsoft is set to target a larger audiences and is ready to step into unknown waters.

Nevertheless, the iOS and Android users are definitely delighted with this confirmation by Microsoft and are waiting very eagerly for the D day to come soon. Soon we will be able to access our Office files and presentations on whichever device we intend to. This is more of a gift for the Office users.

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