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Next ‘Office 15 Beta’ to Release in January, 2012 With an all new Metro UI

Microsoft is likely to gear up with Microsoft Office 15 Beta release by early next year. Here are complere details:

According to sources close to Microsoft, next office productivity suite is nearing its final milestone and the beta versionof ‘Office 15’, codename for the next version of Office productivity suite could be out for public by January next year itself.

Microsoft is likely to gear up beta release of Office 15 by early next year as the timing will be perfect to showcase Office 15’s at CES 2012 along with the other big release by Microsoft, beta version of Windows 8. Then, Microsoft may proceed to releasing beta version of Office 15 later in the month of January.

The biggest news here is the strong probability that the popular, tile-based Metro UI is all over ‘Office 15’. Microsoft has arguably made extensive efforts to metro-ize the whole UI for Office users so that next version of Office productivity suite, not only cater to the legacy users of Office 2010 but also offer a touch-friendly UI for tablet users.

In fact, Microsoft is reportedly working on a tile based “Moorea” application that will work as a starting place for Office 15 users to quickly navigate to documents, pictures etc

All these efforts to develop and present a touch-friendly Office suite would be challenging enough but that will also define the future of office suite.

Office productivity suite is the second biggest cash cow for Microsoft and at no cost can Microsoft afford to let the authority of Office suite get diminished. It’s a rock-steady and trusted revenue stream for Microsoft.

We will track this news and report as and when more info emerges on this…Till then, stay tuned for more…!

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