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NZ’s Prime Minister Says Social Media Can’t Have ‘All Profit, No Responsibility’ – Top Trending Stories

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NZ’s Prime Minister Says Social Media Can’t Have ‘All Profit, No Responsibility’, a Narrative in the Right Direction?

Image Credits: YouTube

NZ’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern says social media can’t have ‘all profit, no responsibility’ during her parliamentary address, after the Christchurch incidence. She said that social media has changed the dynamics of publicity and that the ‘white supremacist’ used social media for this particular advantage. According to her, social media isn’t solely responsible for the attack, which resulted in 50 deaths in New Zealand, but it has a greater role to play. She declined to take the name of the attacker to deny him the mode of publicity. The focus was on the internet’s biggest social media sites and the effect it has over society. After the NZ’s white terror attack, people have become more concerned about social media and the impact it has over everybody’s lives. The video of her addressing the parliament was uploaded on YouTube, and she insisted that social media isn’t the only culprit here, but the people who want to divide the society know how to manipulate the social media.



White House Launches Its AI Website, What Does It Do?

Image Credits: Flickr Dominik Lakatos

White House has launched its own AI website to showcase the commitment of Trump’s administration in the steps taken for AI development in the United States. The website claims that the American gov is working towards an AI that has American values. The website showcases all the programs of former president of America and the current president Trump. As reported on VentureBeat.



Now Checkout on Instagram With PayPal, On Beta

Image Credits: Flickr Gitanjali Murmu

Instagram is slowly but surely launching its checkout feature. It has tied up with PayPal and will offer this latest version of Instagram in beta mode to only a select few Instagrammers. PayPal has partnered with Instagram to provide a better connection between businesses and customers. Both announced this collaboration through a post.



Japan’s Obsession With Robots, Will It Work for Olympics Too?

Image Credits: Toyota

Japan in many ways was the first country to embrace the idea of robots for the public good, remember Asimo? This time Japan wants to take this way further with the Olympics in 2020. Whether it will have an impact is completely a different matter. But the land of the rising sun is very serious of leaving an impression of a technologically advanced country, a distinction it held for a considerable time. Japan will use robots for various tasks such as carry food, cleaning trash, and heavy cargo lifting. Toyota and Panasonic have already jumped into the ‘game of robots’.



Google’s Stadia, Will Consoles Become Obsolete?

Image Credits: Techcrunch
The much awaited Google mystery for the GDC 2019 is finally over now. Google said that with Stadia it plans to overhaul the multi-billion-dollar video gaming industry. Stadia is a streaming platform that is cloud-based service and will let gamers play games on various devices, including Chrome OS. Now you can stream games on Pixel phones and the Chromebooks. There’s no need to buy a console.
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