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Nvidia Launches 360Hz G-Sync Display- Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Nvidia Launches 360Hz G-Sync Display, But Good Only For Esports?

Nvidia logo
Image Credit: Flickr Can Wallpaper

Are you an esports fan? You have good news coming from Nvidia. The major graphics card maker has launched its breath-taking 360Hz G-Sync compatibility for gaming monitors. This is almost six times more refresh rate than conventional gaming monitors and TVs. For general use a high refresh rate doesn’t come into play, however, for a pro esports player, this is a case of win or a loss in video games tournaments. Link.



Fukushima Finally Unveils Renewable Energy Hub Plan

Fukushima after the earthquake and tsunami
Image Credit: AP Jae C Hong

Come 2040, the tsunami-devasted Fukushima region in Japan will have 100% renewable energy generation. The $2.75 billion project will have 11 solar and 10 wind farms. The majority of the investment will come from the Japanese government bank. Link.



Is Google Recording Your Audio Through Various Apps?

Image Credits: Flickr Niharb

According to the latest reports, Google is recording your every sound through voice-based commands on various apps. Google said its recording every phrase of the user to provide better services through Google Assistant. Link.



Will You Buy This Meditation Tracking Device Similar To Fitbit?

Core medidation device
Image Credit: engadget

If you are the type who prefers to take a meditation break often then this meditation tracking device from Core might help you out. For $169 you can have a more meaningful meditation break which will enhance your productivity. Link.



Boeing Deep Into Trouble With Its 737 Max Aircraft

Boeing 737 Max
Image Credits: YouTube

The never-ending saga of Boeing’s 737 Max aircraft seems to have gone beyond the MCAS software issue. Now it seems that the company is staring into possible wiring and even engine issues. Will it cause further delay in the resolution of issues plaguing the manufacturer which has already lost to its main competitor Airbus when it comes to the production of commercial aircraft in 2019. Link.


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