Now Play Snakes on Google Maps App for Celebrating the April Fools’ Day

Google maps are the most used app for finding places around the world. People use it for navigation whether they are on foot, car, or on a bicycle. Now, the internet giant has temporarily added Snakes game for the enthusiasts that want to go back in the past. The game is simple and includes cities such as London, Tokyo, São Paulo, Cairo, Sydney and San Francisco. If you want, you can also select the world map. The rules are simple, just like you used to play the game back in the ’90s. The only difference is that the game features a snake that looks more like a train or a long double-decker bus. The graphics aren’t that great either, but for leisure, it does its job well.

Image Credits: Google

You can access the game from the menu of the Google Maps App in your Android phone and in the iOS phones as well. The game will be available for a week. If you want to continue playing then no worries as the company have also launched a website where you can play for as long as you want to. For now you can enjoy and play Snakes on Google Maps app.

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