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Now Face 5 Years in Prison For Spreading Fake News


Now Face 5 Years in Prison for Spreading Fake News in Saudi Arabia

Fake News

After the death of Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, Saudi Arabia has come under the international scrutiny. In response, it has issued severe warnings to those who spread fake news online. The punishment can range from 5 years in prison or SR 3 million fine. It’s a step to brick wall any dissent within the country that points towards its role in the killing of this Saudi born US-based journalist who was critical of the Saudi government. Surprisingly, this rule will affect both the citizens and outsiders residing in Saudi.



Cryptocurrency ATM in India Amidst RBI Crack Down

First Cryptocurrency ATM in India

 There is a renewed standoff between the crypto enthusiasts and the central bank of India and this time it’s coming from Bengaluru’s Kemp Fort mall. Now, the users of cryptocurrencies can access the lone ATM in the country that provides cryptocurrency transactions. The ATM was launched on 14th Oct. by Unicoin, a virtual currency exchange. The exchange has plans for expansion starting from Delhi and Mumbai. The ingenuity of cryptocurrency ATM stems from the fact that the RBI’s ban on cryptocurrencies doesn’t include ATM’s in it, as it’s considered out of the banking system. You can use these ATM’s to purchase cryptocurrencies.



US – France 6,600 km Undersea Cable by 2020 

Undersea Cables

Orange and Google are building an undersea cable that will connect US and France through an undersea internet cable. The project is completely private and will allow the telecom firm, Orange a capacity of transferring 1GB movie in 30 microseconds across the Atlantic. This is one of the several undersea cables that are part of Google’s next phase of expansion in the world of internet. The undersea cables are crucial for Google’s cloud platform and it has plans to add another 7 in the coming years, all through the private consortiums.



Sears Est. 1892 goes Bankrupt, Ending an Era of Old-School Retail

Sears bankructcy

Sears which originally started selling directly through US post has filed for bankruptcy after a decade-long fight with the online giants such as Amazon. From over 300,000 employees in 2008, it has now come down to 68,000. Facing stiff competition from agile e-commerce competitors it could never keep up with the changing times, except for a brief profit of $1.5 billion in 2015. With it, an era of old-school retail has come to an end in the U.S.



Google AI has Achieved 99% Accuracy


Google has yet again proved to the doubtful few that AI is a valuable and a reliable source when it comes to detecting cancer in humans. In fact, in several instances, it has performed better than the human eye.  The Google team has developed an algorithm called LYNA (Lymph Node Assistant), that can recognize tumours where pathologists have failed to find. Once practically available this technology will free up time for Doctors to actually care for patients and spend less time in diagnosis.



US Senators Send SOS to Modi 

Narendera Modi Indian PM

The strict data localisation from Indian government has unnerved American companies based in India. In response, two US senators have urged the Indian PM to rethink this policy. According to the new law, effective 15th Oct. will require companies such as AMEX, Mastercard, and Visa to store local transaction data physically with the Indian territory. The US senators have cited a direct violation of trade agreements between the U.S and India if the policy becomes active. The trend is in line with what is happening in China and Russia. There the companies need to store the local data within the country’s borders.

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