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NotchUp – ‘Inverted Concept’ for solving a hidden problem…And it works !

Here is the NotchUp review. It offers a platform for the niche category of high profile professionals to get a more lucrative job offers and employers to get the creamy layer of employees

What’s that !


It’s a website that serves as an online platform for employers and employees and quite similar to any job portal you have registered or ever heard of.

Then, how does it differentiate itself from the existing crowd of job portals ?

If you are just an XYZ University (rather unknown) pass out, looking for a job for living, then NotchUp is definitely NOT for you.

And that’s the thing that makes it different from other job portals.

In their own words.

NotchUp is for you if :-

  • You’re happy at your job
  • You’re good at what you do
  • You’re not looking for a new job

It’s a Los Altos, California based stealth startup by Jim Ambras and Rob Ellis (Both had been working in HR sector before). Due to their involvement in the recruitment process, they came with a unique idea of connecting individuals and organizations.

NotchUp aims to empower smart, experienced and elite individuals with better opportunities and also an interview charge by the employer which requests an interview from the prospective employee.

In simple words, an employee has a right to charge an Interview Fee for spending his/her time over an interview session which may/may not result into a job. Also, the employers get to have a place where the On Demand Talent resides rather than the usual portals where low profile job-seekers lie in abundance.


What it offers…

  • A platform for the niche category of high profile professionals to get a more lucrative job offer
  • A place where recruiters will find talent in abundance
  • A unique system where employers pay money to a prospective employee for setting up an  interview

Why it can be THE NEXT BIG THING !

  • Uniqueness – It’s the one and the only one in the job portal sector where employees have to apply with their complete professional details to prove their worth for getting an entry ticket. Only elite professionals get a chance to enter NotchUp. Hence employers wouldn’t be wasting time going through ill-qualified resumes at all.All they are supposed to get are RIGHT people.
  • User Empowerment – Till now, an employee is the one which is expected to take out time from his schedule and get interviewed for the job. But, this system lets the users (employees/professionals) get the control by setting their interview price before any interview happens

Why it may prove to be a Web Struggler !

  • Small Market -The intended users for NotchUp can’t be hundreds of thousands in number. Such elite professionals are really small in number and this doesn’t let the system grow virally.
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