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Not Just Startups: Top News and Events – July 3

‘Not Just Startups’ is TechPluto’s daily series that packs top startup and tech news from across the globe. The only news that makes it to ‘Not Just Startups’ series is what’s worth your time. This is where news appears before becoming a trending one.



Facebook faces $57 million hate speech fine

Facebook is staring towards a hefty fine from Germany of $57 million over the issue of hate speech not taken down soon enough. Germany has introduced a new law “Network Enforcement Act”, according to which,  the social media firms like Facebook and Twitter will face a severe fine if the hate speech is not taken down within a reasonable time.



Apple comes forward to save National Parks

In a bid to save the environment, Apple has come up with a unique idea to donate $1 from its Apple Store purchases/transactions done through ‘Apple Pay’. This scheme is live from 1st of July until 15th of July. This is applicable for the US region only.



Postmates launches dirt-cheap Eco-friendly e-bikes

Postmates has introduced eco-friendly electric bikes for their courier delivery services in SF, US. The electric bikes can be rented for $80 a month, payable via earnings from Postmastes itself. Moreover, it can run up to 40 miles on a single charge. The company already operates electric motorbikes in New York which goes up to 120 miles on a single charge.



ThermoReal makes VR/AR experience come to life

ThermoReal is a startup in the VR/AR industry which is introducing real feelings of hot, cold and even pain into VR/AR technology. This is a South-Korean based startup aiming for more real-life experiences for the VR/AR industry.



US FAA is looking to make remote identification of drones

FAA is looking for ways to regulate the drones in the sky. For this, they did a meeting with some of the leading industrial representatives such as Amazon, Ford and also the NYPD. A remote ID system to identify commercial drones might come out as a solution. Therefore in future, the drones will be traceable through their ID.



Gaming firm Razer is eyeing $600 million IPO

The US-based gaming firm Razor is eyeing for growth funds through IPO in Hongkong. The company has filed for IPO in hopes of raising up to $600 million to invest in growth plans.  The company is valued at $2 billion.



New ICO record of $185 million for

In 5 days of selling cryptocurrencies, the startup has been able to raise $185 million. The company sold EOS currency tokens in the auctions. This has broken the previous record of $150 million by Bancor.



Amazon-Nike pilot partnership

Nike in its Q4 financial reports has confirmed that it will sell some of its products directly through Amazon. The pilot project is for assorted Nike items. Moreover, it is going to begin in the US first. Nike is trying to defeat the counterfeit products from the market with this partnership.



Facebook tests Solar Internet drone

Facebook has successfully tested the solar-powered drone, Aquila. This is a major step towards providing the internet for all. With this, the company can provide the Internet to remote places on the planet. The company is planning to raise an army of these drones which will fly at 60,000 feet and will communicate through laser with each other. They will then transmit internet service to the ground.



NASA to 3D print material for Astronauts and Spaceships

NASA is developing 3D printed material called Chain Mail for the protection of Astronauts and spaceships in the space. To survive the rigour of outer space, NASA will develop the chain mail, which was used in the medieval times by warriors to protect against swords. The modern version will have modern features and will help to further the space exploration missions.



Twitter fake news feature

Twitter is looking to add a fake news feature to its feed. It is still in the early stages. The new feature will help track and let users flag the fake news. This will prevent the spread of fake news on the social platform.



Google testing data saving app ‘Triangle’

Google is reportedly testing a data saving app called Triangle in the Philippines. The app allows the user to regulate the use of data with various features.  Google is also providing 100 GB of free data through partner service providers.



Facebook rolling out “Find Wi-Fi”

Facebook is rolling out the ‘Find Wi-fi’ feature worldwide. The company has rolled out this feature so that the user can search for community wi-fi available to them in the vicinity. Where mobile network is scarce this, feature will come in handy.



Microsoft laying off thousands

In a major global sales reorganisation plan of Microsoft, the company will layoff thousands of employees. Sources have confirmed the news, however, the company has refused to comment on this issue.



Dropbox plans IPO by End of 2017

Dropbox has hired IPO underwriters. Dropbox reportedly is looking for IPO advice. It is planning to go for it by the year end if everything goes according to plan. Moreover, this will make it the biggest IPO for a technology firm in the recent history.


Data compilation by Lipin

Editing and Presentation by Prashant Sharma

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