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Not Just Startups: Top News & Events – June 26


Startup promises Human eye resolution for VR 

Finish startup Varjo wants to introduce human eye resolution to virtual reality tech. VR at present is limited to pixelated resolution. Varjo modification to VR enhances the image from the current quality. Photography and film industry is hesitant with VR due to low-quality pixelated versions. With Varjo all this could change.



Come 2021, VR and AR headsets will hit 100 million units annually

 IDC report forecast’s that by 2021 VR and AR will become more mainstream in next 5 years. The adoption of this technology is on the rise. Several business verticals are eyeing for its use to enhance customer experience and new business opportunities.



Youtube brings machine learning to comments plus creator studio in new avatar


 Aimed at making the creator’s life easier youtube will add more channel management tools. “Comments topic” ability to scan through categories of comments other than simply browsing through them all.



Maruti future proofing it’s manufacturing with lean tech 

 By 2020 company will be selling 2 million units. Therefore to reduce delay and cost lean tech is the way forward.



VR amusement centre opens in Japan 

To cash in on the latest tech of VR. An amusement park with VR technology makes its entrance to the scene.



Google launches first AI investment fund 

  Google believes that AI is the future for making profits. First investment of $10.5 million in startup Algorithmia.



Australia wants Five Eyes to have more control on tech companies


 Five Eyes – US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Australia wanting to force all these nations to put more pressure on tech firms for decrypted access to data.



Youtube to upgrade mobile app enhancing video formats plus messaging.


Youtube investing in for better viewing experience. No matter what the size and format. Software should be able to adapt according to the situation to provide better viewing for the viewer.



Building robots as easy as playing Lego startup

softbank pepper robot

HEBI aiming to make building robots as easy as playing with Lego.



Headstart making perfect candidate – job fit 

Google AI powered Job search

 Startup Headstart looking to make the process of candidate application for job perfect. It makes better choices lining up candidates for the best match.



Dropbox eyeing massive network expansion

Dropbox is looking to expand its business massively. After moving away from AWS Dropbox is now expanding its own data centres to provide smoother work experience.



Publisher centric news app from Relevnt

In cut-throat competition from the likes of Google and Facebook. This app will let the publisher control their own data. Not depending on the giants such as Google and Facebook.



Hollywood comes calling as Facebook wants perfect script 

 Facebook is eyeing for custom scripts for its videos and what better place than Hollywood to provide such a service.



Becoming a Jedi with Tesla’s BrainTech firm Neuralink 

 Neuralink is developing ultra-high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces which will connect humans to computers.



World’s first cable-free elevator successful experiment 

MIT experiments with the words first cable-free elevator. Benefits – Safer, faster, changing the way buildings are designed, reducing costs.

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