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Not Just Startups: Top News & Events – June 27


Malware Xavier present in app store stealing user data silently

Android Malware

Malware Xavier found in more than 800 apps has the ability to steal users’ data. Trend Micro did a study on the safety of app store apps and came out with this result.



$4 billion fake news effect on Ethereum

Etheruem Fake news

A fake news post on 4chan led to a crash in Ethereum trading. The news of car crash killing the 23-year-old creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin managed to send investors into a frenzy.



SMI eye tracking startup acquired by Apple

Apple has raised quite a lot eyebrows by acquiring eye tracking firm SMI. This will eventually pave the way for Apple to explore the exploding AR and VR technology.



Monsanto furious  over Californias’ decision to call glyphosate cancer agent 

Monsanto cancer agent

Monsanto will take the State of Californias’ decision to call glyphosate cancer causing to courts. Glyphosate is a herbicide to which Monsanto uses in genes of seeds to make them disease resistant.



Experimental app from Youtube Uptime goes live for everyone

YouTube live

  Uptime is an experimental app from Youtube which lets users comment and react on a real-time basis. Moreover, it lets friends connect instantly. It is available only for iOS right now. 



No subscription service for now from Vimeo

Vimeo no subscribtion

Vimeo had announced its subscription-based video streaming like Netflix three years ago. However, they have now scrapped altogether.



Social media giants come together to fight hate speech online 

Hate speech social media fight

Facebook, Twitter, Google and other online media giants have formed a group to prevent hate speech online. The terrorists have used this technique to spread unrest in the society. Moreover, several countries around the world are a victim of such incidences online.



After Uber now Lyft will offer suggested pickup options

Lyft suggestion pickups

Lyft has launched the suggested pickup feature in its app to reduce pickup time and trouble. Uber has been doing this for a while.



Amazon Eco to soon function as an intercom

Amazon Eco intercom

If you have several Eco devices in your home then you can soon start to use Eco devices as an intercom. Amazon will start this feature for all Eco customers.



Facebook says no to researchers to access political ads data on its platform

Facebook has clearly denied the access to its campaign ad data for both commercials as well as political.



Chromebook and G-suite woo American school kids

Google is offering a lot of freebies and add-on services to schools to help kids develop intuitive skills. By partnering with schools Google is making an impact and is showcasing it through impact portraits.



Playstation crowdsources for its TV Series

To create new TV series for its Playstation, Sony is crowdsourcing talents. If selected for this project the person will go to Los Angeles to show their creativity to pitch for the pilot.



Russia forces Telegram to disclose data or face ban

Russia has forced messaging app Telegram to disclose all its data to the government. In case the firm fails to do so they will face a total ban. According to the Russian authority, the app supports terrorist activities.



Official death to G-Chat in favour of Hangouts 

Google has officially clamped down its G-Chat services. This is a step to move its customers base completely to Hangouts.



Tech giant IBM grabs Blockchain trade finance platform contract


The Banks’ blockchain consortium has chosen IBM as the party to provide the platform for blockchain trade finance. A consortium of seven big European banks has made this decision.

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