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No More “Dutch Sandwich” For Google – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


No More “Dutch Sandwich” For Google


According to a report by Reuters, Google will stop using Irish tax heaven routes popularly termed as “Dutch Sandwich” from this year onwards. The lenient tax laws in Ireland for corporates allowed many global tech giants to flout tax payments back in the US. Google will stop using these loopholes from this year onwards. According to reports, Google was able to route $23 billion into Bermuda through Irland in 2017 alone. Trump has already reduced the tax rates to 21 percent for MNCs from 35 percent previously, in an attempt to bring back tax money to the US. Link.



Record Revenue For Huawei Despite Sales Falling Short

Image Credit: Getty Images Costfoto/Barcroft Media

Huawei has reported a record-breaking revenue despite falling short of sales target. According to Huawei’s latest report on growth, the company has made a record-high revenue of $122 billion for the year 2019. The amount is significant for the company as its battling through sanctions from Trump administration, which is trying to halt its global expansion plans. For Huwaei, survival is more important than profit for now. Link.



Justine Bieber YouTube Documentary To Premier On 27th Jan

Justin Bieber the seasons
Image Credit: YouTube Justin Bieber

You can catch the trailer of the upcoming documentary on Justine Bieber on YouTube. Its sneak preview will be available on ABC soon. “The Justine Bieber: Seasons,” will be a 10 part series. It will showcase the journey of making the first Justine Bieber album. The docuseries will also help propel the singer’s 2020 tour after he took a break. Justine has 47.8 million subscribers on YouTube and has over 19 billion views on the platform. Link.



California’s Privacy Law To Go Global, Thanks To Mozilla

decentralization of internet Mozilla

Mozilla, the popular web browser provider, has announced that it will implement California’s impressive privacy law globally. For those who don’t know yet, its similar to GDPR of the European Union. Under this law, users in California can ask for details from companies on issues related to personal online data. They can also amend this data and block its sales to third parties as well. Link.



Tesla To Face Racism Lawsuit

Elon Musk at the event of launch of Gigafactory in China
Image Credits: Tesla Twitter

A federal judge has rejected the claims of Tesla Inc. to dismiss the lawsuit on racial discrimination at its California factory. Two former workers have claimed that Tesla’s California factory is a hotbed of racial hostility. According to reports, the latest development now clears the way for a possible trial. Link.


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