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Nissan’s Subscription Service For $699 – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Nissan’s Subscription Service For $699, Will You Switch A Car Every Month?

Image Credit: Flickr Justin Chan

Is $699 per month enticing enough for you to switch a car every month? Nissan is experimenting with a service that will allow its subscribers to switch their cars every other month. For $699 you will have access to four cars. Pay $200 extra and have access to six cars. And if you want to drive the GTR then pay $100 per day after a $495 activation fee. The subscription service in the automotive industry isn’t new, however, every car maker is trying its luck in this segment. Link.



Sale Of  Dot Org In Limbo?


.org is the internet address used by non-profit organizations and other organizations that are into core society based businesses. The sale of .org came as a shock to many but the deal reached its completion anyhow. Now The Internet Society that owned the extension is facing flack from its own advisory council. An unknown private equity firm is looking to make this deal successful as soon as possible. Once a private firm owns .org there will be no more caps on its sale price. Link.



TikTok’s Surprising New Feature, Parental Lock!

Image Credit: Flickr Block Inspect

TikTok the world’s top-rated social sharing app for teenagers is providing more control in the hands of parents. Now parents can limit the access time for their teenagers to access the app. Isn’t it a surprise that an app which survives on teenagers view time is providing such a feature. But it is a welcome feature for the frustrated parents nevertheless. Link.



Now Register Complaint Against Your Uber Driver Discreetly


Uber is launching a new feature that will allow its riders to complain against their drivers discreetly. The latest feature will allow riders to complain while commuting. You can send short complaints such as driver texting while driving, braking too hard, and many other safety issues. But at the same time, it also begs the question of whether Uber is going too hard on its drivers. What do you think? Link.



Apple Sales Slump Due To Coronavirus, Production To Shift Elsewhere

iPad Pro

Coronavirus has hit the sales forecast for Apple products. Now Apple is shifting its production of iPad out of China to other neighboring Asian countries. Apple had already declared its plans to shift its production base out of China and diversify its manufacturing locations. With the advent of Coronavirus (now Covid-19), the process will speed up. Link.


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