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An Indian is probable to serve as Top U.S. Technology Exec.(CTO)

In this article we will tell you that the next us cto to be an indian.

As we all will soon be watching and cheering for Obama,officially becoming the U.S. president in a real BIG ceremonious way,Indians have probably one more reason to cheer for him.Under his governance,the first U.S. CTO is most probably to be an Indian.


And if an Indian really makes it to the position of “U.S. Top Tech Exec”,then it will be more than just a moment of proud for all the Indians(as they are fartoo many all over the globe and not just in India).Technology is fast growing and an Indian leading the technology area of U.S. is definitely a reaffirmation of Obama’s popular campaign tagline “The Change can happen…”

According to the sources,the two Indians under consideration of the elite tech position are :  Vivek Kundra,currently serving as CTO for government of Washington, D.C. and Padmasree Warrior who’s currently serving as CTO of Veteran technology market leader,Cisco Systems.

There were few other contenders for heading the U.S. Tech deptt. but it seems that the final decision will favor either of the above mentioned two people.

One can’t ignore the fact that the two prominent nominees have loads of experience in the field of  Technology to justify “Why they’re worth it”.Padmasree Warrior,before starting to serve Cisco Systems,worked for more than 20 yrs at Motorola and got appointed as company’s CTO in 2003.On the other side,Vivek Kundra served many other government positions,relating to technology and associated areas.

Given the fact that there has been a substantial contribution of internet resources and social media in making Obama as the next U.S. president,be it any of the two indians becoming the next U.S. CTO,the U.S. tech industry couldn’t get happier than such a tech-savvy governance.

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