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New X users will have to Pay to Tweet: Elon Musk

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New X users will have to Pay to Tweet: Elon Musk

In what appears to be an unpopular move, Elon Musk has just confirmed that new X users will have to pay to tweet on its microblogging platform. However, Musk hasn’t confirmed about how much fees X will charge from the new users. They will have to pay the fees only for the first three months, after which they can tweet for free. Tech billionaire said that this unusual and unconventional move is necessary to discourage and reduce the number of bots on ‘X.’ The idea has been met with mixed reactions. Some people see it as a potential solution to the bot problem, while others worry it could limit free speech or exclude new users.


Adobe planning to Integrate OpenAI’s Sora to Premier Pro

Adobe has announced that it is planning to integrate AI video generating tools like OpenAI’s Sora & Pika to its video editing software Premier Pro. This extension is likely to happen either through extension or plug in. As and when this feature will be, Premier Pro users can easily generate videos with a simple text prompt. Without a doubt, the integration with the third party AI tools has the potential to redefine and revolutionize video editing as a whole. Separately, Adobe has added slew of other AI features to its video editing software. For instance, Premier Pro users can easily add or any remove objects they want in the video, while they can now also seamlessly add frames to lengthen videos for smoother transitions and precise edits.


Threads is testing real-time search results

Threads, Meta’s recently launched microblogging platform, is testing a new feature to improve its search functionality. It is testing a new filter that will allow users to make real-time search results, which means that posts will appear chronologically prioritizing the latest ones. By adding this feature, Meta wants to add relevancy of the search results for its users following live events or fast-paced discussions. Currently, Search results in Threads are often a mix of recent and older posts, making it difficult to follow fast-moving discussions. X, the main competitor of Threads, is known for its real-time search capabilities. Meta hasn’t given any hint when it plans to roll-out this feature.


OpenAI opens its first Asia office in Tokyo

Microsoft backed OpenAI has opened its first office in Japan’s capital Tokyo. Interestingly enough, this OpenAI’s first ever physical office in the Asian continent. This will help the company in targeting the lucrative Japanese market, with more and more Japanese companies looking to integrate cutting edge AI features into their products and services. Tadao Nagasaki, former president of Amazon Web Services in Japan, will lead OpenAI’s Japanese business. However, Microsoft backed company is likely to face intense competition from other companies including domestic Japanese companies like SoftBank and TNT. Overall, it will be interesting to see how OpenAI and other players will shape the future of AI in Japan.


Tesla mulls job cuts impacting 14,000 employees

Tesla is reportedly considering laying off over 10% of its workforce, translating to roughly 14,000 employees globally. According to reports, CEO Elon Musk cited cost reduction and eliminating duplication of roles as the reasons behind the job cuts. If Tesla does lay off 10% of its employees then will be the biggest layoff in the EV car company’s history. However, it is important to note that this is an unconfirmed report and Tesla still hasn’t officially confirmed this news. Off late, the company has been facing intense competition across in all its key market and, therefore, has been in pressure to cut the price of all its model to increase the sales numbers of its cars.

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