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Netflix’s Chrome Disguise – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Netflix’s Chrome Disguise, Now Watch ‘Stranger Things’ In Your Office

Netflix has released the latest Chrome extension that will let you play Netflix show in a disguised conference window. It’s a neat way to fool others making them think that you’re in a conference call. So, if you ever wanted to slip away from your desk to watch the latest series on Netflix, you can do that by just sitting at your desk and using this latest Chrome plugin. Steps to use: Go to Netflix and start watching your series. Next, click on the extension and continue within the disguised conference window. That’s it! Link.



Facebook And Twitter Not Invited to White House for Social Media Summit

According to reports, sources at the White House have informed the press that Facebook and Twitter have not been extended the invitation for the White House’s Social Media Summit. The White House hasn’t publicly released a list of invitees. But it’s speculated that these two tech companies might not attend the event given the current environment. Link.



No Hopes For Libra In India

After the US lawmakers snub of Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra, India is also going to pushback the latest cryptocurrency from the staples of the social media giant. The Indian Reserve Bank of India has already banned the use of cryptocurrency. And the Indian government is going to bring in further laws to tighten its noose around digital currencies, even arrest for holding this asset is under consideration. India’s economic affairs secretary told Bloomberg in an interview that “Design of the Facebook currency has not been fully explained.” The official told that they aren’t comfortable with a private cryptocurrency. Link.



Your Android App Is Tracking You, Without Your Permission! No Way Out?

Over one thousand Android apps are tracking users without their permission. Even if you deny them the right to do so, the apps are still on it anyway. So, how does this work? You might disallow one app in your phone, but any other app that has the permission might share the data with that other app. Also, malicious apps can access your shared data stored with other apps on your phone. With the release of Android Q, people are expecting some improvements in security. Link.



End To Bullying On Instagram?

Instagram is giving its users the ability to quietly disable bullying on its platform. There are two new features that will limit the unwanted activity on your Insta profile. The AI feature pops up a message “Are you sure you want to post this?” if it finds the comment offensive. It gives the poster an option to reflect and change the text. Another feature under test is the ability to restrict a user. Once you restrict a particular user, they will be able to post a comment but it will be visible only to themselves. The first feature is already rolling out. Link.


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