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Netflix’s $420 Million India Investment – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Netflix’s $420 Million India Investment, Will It Increase Subscriber Base?

Netflix's show poster of Sacred Games

Netflix is going to produce more India specific content for its audience. For the world’s largest streaming service provider, India is a big market. “You’ll start to see a lot of stuff hit the screen, big investment,” Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings said in Delhi. The CEO also said that they are trying to become more Indian with their investment. Netflix is competing hard with other streaming service providers in the Indian market where more people are using their smartphone for media consumption. It had also launched a mobile tier with a minimal cost of INR 199. According to the CEO, Netflix is targeting 100 million viewers in India. As it’s blocked in China, almost, India is the next big shot. Link.



Is OnePlus Returning To True Mid-Range Offer?

OnePlus 8 Lite

According to the latest reports, OnePlus might be returning to the mid-range smartphone prices. When OnePlus was first released, it was a flagship premium phone in an affordable range. But later on, it diverted itself from this path. And if the latest rumours are true, OnePlus will return back to its DNA of premium phones in mid-range prices. Hopefully, you’ll see an affordable phone with the release of OnePlus 8 Lite. Link.



China Bans All Foreign Computer Equipment In Government Offices

image Credits: Flickr Fedor Odegov

The Chinese government has ruled that it will stop using any foreign computer equipment and software in its offices. This will prove as a big blow for US multinational companies such as Dell, HP, and Microsoft. The move is a retaliation of the US trade war with China. Link.



Is Jeff Bezos Threatening Pentagon?

jeff bezos pointing finger
Image Credits: Flickr marshal anthonee

Jeff Bezos has warned that the United States of America is in big disadvantage if it rejects Amazon’s services. The world’s richest man told guests at the Reagan National Defense Forum that big tech shouldn’t be turned away from military contracts. He said that the US is the good guy and countries like China are catching up in this game of tech. Back in July, Pentagon gave cloud computing contract to Microsoft rejecting Amazon. Link.



Japan To Enact 5G Law, Should Others Follow Suit?

President Donald J. Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe and his wife, Mrs. Akie Abe, pose for a photo aboard the JS Kaga Tuesday, May 28, 2019, in Yokosuka, Japan. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

The Japanese government will enact 5G law for the industry so that there’s no confusion on doing business with other firms in different countries. After the US-China trade war starting with Huawei on the issue of 5G, Japan feels that it’s necessary to frame such a law. Should other countries also consider such a law for 5G technology? It seems imperative to do so. Link.


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