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Netflix ‘Bird Box’ Challenge Goes Viral – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Netflix ‘Bird Box’ Challenge Goes Viral, Fans Blindfolding Themselves

Image Credits: Flickr DEENAMIK .COM

Netflix had to hop on Twitter to warn its ‘Bird Box’ horror movie fans against blindfolding themselves and copying the characters from the movie. In an unexpected twist to the release of Sandra Bullock starrer movie, where characters blindfold themselves to escape an apocalyptic world, the fans have taken it a bit too far. The challenge to blindfold and act like characters in the movie has gone viral.



Google Ignored Chromecast Bug, Hackers Make Good Use of It

Image Credits: Flickr I Shinji

Google was informed about a potential loophole in the Chromecast device that runs Google sponsored programs on users’ TVs. Despite several warnings, Google let it unresolved. Now hackers have hacked into the Chromecast and are able to manipulate the device easily. In the latest attack, one of the hackers has hacked into Chromecast to garner support for YouTuber PewDiePie. Experts believe that if Google doesn’t do something soon, the results could be more dangerous.



 Private Space Startup Swarm Fined $1 M, Did Unauthorised Satellite Launch From India

Image Credits: Kevin Fedde

A US-based private space startup has been issued a historic fine of almost $1 million for an unauthorized satellite launch. The firm was able to launch four mini-satellites into space from India. It was caught not until the satellites started transmitting back to earth. Experts believe that if this trend continues then a whole new breed of enthusiasts will start something similar. Sattelite launch from India is relatively much cheaper than other developed countries.



Apple Sits on Malware Info, Antivirus Community Not Happy

Image Credits: Flickr Hans Dorsch

According to a researcher, Apple kept quite on crucial info about a malware that affected only Apple users. The practice in the industry is to have open communication about viruses as soon as they are found. But in this case, Apple decided to keep this information to itself and for a long time, nobody was aware of it. Apple so far has not responded on this issue.



Tesla Haters New Trick: Parking Their Trucks at Tesla Charging Stations

Image Credits:

Tesla’s meteoric rise has not gone down well with many. Even the autonomous cars in Arizona are facing the anger of unhappy individuals. This time the Tesla haters have found a new way to vent their fury by parking their vehicle on the super-charging stations of Tesla. This means that those who want to charge their Tesla cars won’t be able to do so.


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