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NASA Condemns India’s ASAT – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


NASA Condemns India’s ASAT, Test Will Threaten ISS Safety

After the successful test of the anti-satellite weapon by India, all is not well. NASA in a statement said that the test conducted by India has created more space debris and will affect the safety of International Space Station along with its astronauts. However, the Indian scientists have rubbished the claims stating that the debris will eventually burn out within the next six months. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine was highly critical of India’s ‘Mission Shakti’ that successfully destroyed a satellite in space and called out to the serious danger it holds for the ISS. As reported in arsTechnica.



Google’s AI Ethics Council in Shambles, Already?

In just a few weeks after the launch of AI ethics council by Google, the initiative has already hit a major hurdle. The idea behind the council was to look into the ethical challenges of the AI that might come up during the development phase of AI projects. Google’s AI council was tasked to look at these challenges from various angles. But things are falling apart as people aren’t joining its board or the ones who are in are considering leaving it. For example, Google employees are rooting for the removal of Kay Cole James, who the employees see as a person against immigrants and the LGBTQ community. AI ethics council isn’t a new approach as Microsoft also has a similar board. Link.



Hackproof Cryptography, No More Hacking Possible?

A community of computer scientists have been able to develop a Cryptography that will make computer code bug free and hence make it safe from hackers. Welcome, Evercrypt, which is a set of digital cryptography tools set to enhance the cybersecurity. Researchers have proven the efficacy of Evercrypt similar in ways you would prove the existence of Pythagorean theorem. For more on this read the article here.



What Happens When Walmart and Google Come Together?

Image Credits: Walmart

Walmart and Google have joined forces to produce a similar service like Amazon’s Alexa. Walmart in its desperate attempt has teamed up or acquired multiple technology firms. Now it has teamed up with Google to compete in the voice-controlled device segment. Walmart announced this alliance in a blog post. ‘Voice Order’ as the retail giant calls it will have the feature to order grocery through voice commands. Over the next couple of weeks, Walmart customers will be able to order grocery with their Google Home devices. Also, the feature will be available on Google Assistant-enabled devices along with Android smartphones and iPhones as well.



 Russia Going China’s Way? Great Wall of Internet Firewall Eminent?

If you don’t know yet, Russia is serious about blocking its internet from the rest of the world. Recently, it did several experiments to see how prepared it was to conduct such an audacious plan. The plan to cut itself off from the rest of the internet will allow it to filter information that comes into its country. This way it’s hoping to quash any uprising before it even takes effect. The people in Russia have already protested against this move of Russian authorities. Reported by WSJ


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