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Mystery Meeting Between Trump and Dorsey – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 5 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Mystery Meeting Between Trump and Dorsey

Image Credits: Flickr Gage Skidmore

Nobody knows what conspired between the United States President Donald Trump and the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in a closed-door meeting on Tuesday. According to Motherboard, apparently, the meeting was to discuss the ‘health’ of Twitter. Not much is known about what exactly both of them discussed for 30-minutes. The meeting took place on the behest of Whitehouse.



Google’s Drone Delivery Gets FAA Approval

The Federal Aviation Administration of the US has certified Google’s Wing Aviation to function as a small airline. This is the first time in the US that a drone company is getting this license. Under the name Google X project, the drone deliveries were tested extensively by the tech giant and will now operate in Virginia and other places.



The Invisibility Cloak Against the AI?

Image Credits: YouTube Anonymous CVCOPS

If you were worried about the AI tech recognition that could identify you then here’ s a novel solution for that. Wear an invisibility cloak that will fool the algorithm. A group of engineers from Belgium’s KU Leuven University have developed a simple method to fool an AI with the use of printed patterns that one can wear. Currently, the pattern works only for a particular type of algorithm, but the scientists are developing new ways to counter other AI recognition tech as well. Link.



Tim Cook In Favour of More Tech Regulation by Government

Image Credits: Time

Tim Cook has said that technology must be regulated otherwise it could greatly damage the society. According to Time Cook, more government regulation is necessary over the technology industry to protect the privacy of an individual. Link.



The $2 Indian Microprocessor AJIT, Make In India Initiative

Image Credits: Prabot

The microprocessor that costs not more than $2 or rupees 100 has been built by IIT Bombay for India’s IRNSS, the regional positioning satellite. It will not feature in smart devices yet but will be mass produced within a year or so for tech that’s non-related to smartphones.


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