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MyResumeFormat Wants to Create Resumes that Truly Stands Out in the Crowd

Can a resume designed by artificial intelligence (AI) put your stagnant career on a growth trajectory? The answer in all probability is ‘yes.’ Notwithstanding all the hype around AI, there hardly can be any argument over its ability to create differentiating factors that is today helping diverse industries to grow aggressively. MyResumeFormat is also relying on AI technology’s same differentiating factor to ensure that your resume doesn’t get lost into the crowd of ever increasing job seekers.

MyResumeFormat is an online freemium resume builder platform that leverages the power of AI to create a flawless and beautiful looking resume. Its true aim though is not merely to enhance the aesthetics of your CV but also to make it stand out to give your career a real head start. CV, after all, is the only document that summarizes our professional career and therefore needs all the painstaking attention.

Co-founders of Right to left – Ningning Niumai, Dheeraj Kumar, Tarun Kumar.

MyResumeFormat’s co-founders Ningning Niumai, Dheeraj Kumar and Tarun Kumar bring with them years of experience in the recruitment industry. Their experience has taught them that a resume barely gets a few seconds to impress the HR and hence a professionally well-designed resume holds the key to create the right impression.

All co-founders also bring along with them enriched knowledge learnt at some of the finest educational institutions of this country. Ningning Niumai and Dheeraj Kumar Anand are engineering graduates from IIT Delhi and Tarun Kumar is from Amity University.

Techpluto spoke to Mr. Ningning Niumai to know more about MyResumeFormat and also about India’s nascent online resume industry.

Q) What are some of the main pain points that “MyResumeFormat” is trying to address?

Ningning Niumai: Needless to say ‘Resume’ holds a significant value as a first step for getting a job.With the increasing competition in the market for jobs, it is imperative to pen down your achievements in the most professional and structured way to outshine and stand out from the crowd. And that’s where “” comes out to the rescue at scale. Our AI enabled tool recommends, helps you write down your professional summary, career objective and work experience suitable for a particular job role on pre-built ATS compatible designed templates.

Q) Do you think that Indian job seekers still underestimate the importance of a properly crafted resume?

Ningning Niumai: Very much. Coming from HR background, we notice that HRs’ are very busy and they get resume in thousands during recruitment seasons if not round the year. They have a few seconds to glance through it. The resume must stand out to get their attention. More than often, job seekers write stories about their job responsibilities when the correct method is to write in bullet points with precision and highlighted keywords.

Q) Who are your main competitors and what are the differentiating factors that make you stand out from the crowd?

Ningning Niumai: There are many online resume builders out there which provide resume templates. However, one of the major differentiating factors is our recommendation system that helps user in structuring their resume line in a professional manner which drastically reduces the time and effort of creating a resume.

We work on a freemium model which means that job seekers are able to create their resume and download in PDF format as shown in the preview. We only ask users to pay if they use the Pro features. Pro features enhance the resume design and have more resume templates to choose from.

Online Resume builder
All resume templates of MyResumeFormat are designed with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence.

Q) Can you please shed light on how “My Resume Format” plans to leverage the artificial intelligence technology to build a flawless resume?

Ningning Niumai: Our AI is being trained and is learning as more and more resume are built on our system. It currently helps in drafting job responsibilities, career objective which is of prime importance and a tedious task when it comes to writing a resume. We are also working on training the AI to suggest skills based on the career fields efficiently. Our platform would continue to grow with more data points in the coming days.

Q) Was opting for AI technology a conscious decision, since currently there is lot of buzz around this technology?

Ningning Niumai: It is a painstaking process to draft the job responsibilities in bullet points. Most can’t do it and often end up asking for help. This is where we decided to build an AI platform to serve job seekers at scale in writing their job responsibilities with ease.

Q) What are some of the features that MyResumeFormat’s Pro/Premium account offers to users?

Ningning Niumai: We currently offer extra resume format, colours, borders and fonts to the paid customers. These are resume enhancements. The core feature to create a complete resume remains free.

Q) Your thoughts on the online resume building market? How big is the market opportunity and your future predictions about the market?

Ningning Niumai: Creating online resume is a relatively new market in India as most people are coming online now to generate resume. There are about 31 million unemployed Indians seeking jobs now (Source: CMIE). As per Naukri, there are 55 million job seekers today on their platform. If we are to take this number and calculate, India alone is a Rs 1100 crore market. This will continue to grow.

Q) Any fundraising plans on the cards?

Ningning Niumai: We raised too soon in the previous startup we started and made a lot of mistakes along the way. We are currently a bootstrap. However, we want to make sure our product is sustainable and have reached a certain threshold before reaching out to the investors.

Q) Can you put some light on tractions with regards to downloads and revenue of your business?

Ningning Niumai: Currently, we get about 250-300 unique visitors per day. Of which about 65% are organic search users. 2% of our registered users are paid customers ever since we launched the Pro features. We are working on various strategies to increase the number of paying customers by at least 10% in the next 6 months. We are also looking to have our platform on the first page of the search results in the next 12 months.

Q) Since transition from a startup to a profitable company is a challenging one, how will you make sure that MyResumeFormat sails through this challenge?

Ningning Niumai: We have a small but a solid design and tech team, partnered with a couple of HRs. Since this is an AI enabled online resume builder, most of the work is done automatically without our involvement. Scaling would not be a problem.

Q) As a co-founder of an ambitious startup, which startup founders you personally look towards for inspiration.

Ningning Niumai: There’s too many to mention. But one particular investor who comes to my mind is Rajesh Sawhney who is the founder of GSF Accelerator and Innerchef.

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