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Muziboo Review

Here is the Muziboo’s review. It lets one upload music compositions and karaoke, share music to the Muziboo audience and get appreciated (in terms of comments) by other users.

What’s that


The likes and dislikes of different people are way apart but generally most of us enjoy music (of some sort or the other) and admire renowned singers/artists and music composers for the music those guys create and help the discotheque rocking.

And then, there are a chunk of people who can broadly be called as “Music Enthusiasts” (bathroom singers to singing aspirants), who love to sing and get appreciated for the passion they carry for music.

Muziboo is actually an online platform for the second set of people (Music enthusiasts). It serves as a solution in many ways to this category. It lets one upload music compositions and karaoke to the platform, share one’s passion to the Muziboo audience and get appreciated (in terms of comments) by other users.

It also helps to serve as a platform to aggregate like-minds and help teaming up music passionates to form Music Bands and similar stuff.

Prateek Dayal, Founder, Muziboo launched this website in July,07 and has improvised the services and user experience to a great level so far. Although,majority of muziboo users are Indians only, the website certainly has an international appeal to it.

Few local competitors like Shtyle and Kroomsa are also there together with some international biggies but Muziboo may lead in the long run provided it addresses some critical issues.


What it offers…

  • Upload your music (either self-composed,karaoke or whatever) and share it with your audience
  • Embed your music on your blog/website
  • Get accolades from the online audience


Why it can be THE NEXT BIG THING !

  • Simple – In the Web 2.0 generation, simplicity rocks. If a product/service is simple yet effective, it’s likely to get rewarded by the audience. Muziboo did its tasks pretty well.
  • Smart distribution – As every other guy has a social networking life as well, having a Facebook/Myspace/Orkut app of Muziboo is a big boost to the service. They already have a Facebook/Myspace app and in process of launching an Orkut app as well so that music spreading will grow multi fold.

Why it may prove to be a Web Struggler !

  • Money Factor – Any website that involves user contribution in any form today (either content, video or music) has to offer a strong reason to the user for sourcing his knowledge to get a massive user response. Muziboo simply lacks it. It may compensate this later by adding such a functionality in the future.
  • Technology limitation – Muziboo doesn’t let its users upload files other than mp3 format. That’s a serious limitation for a music crowdsourcing website. Also, they lack a audio recording system in the website itself (so that users can directly record their song and no upload will be required) which can be an asset for them as a music based website. Update: They have now come up with their On-site audio recorder to get rid of this drawback of their service.
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