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MS Office 2010 launch date

MS Office 2010 Launch Date has been announced. MS Office 2010 will be available by june 2010.

Microsoft has finally communicated the release month of MS Office 2010 and it is the month of June next year. With such a long gap between Beta and final product releases of MS Office 2010, it seems Microsoft is worrying a little too much about the success of MS Office 2010 and giving whole lot of time for the Beta release to fix up all the existing bugs and do the best of their product launch preparations for Office 2010 launch.

So with over seven months left before end users grab their copies of MS Office 2010 product suite, what else can folks expect from Microsoft regarding Office 2010 ?

We believe, Microsoft is busy chalking out strategies to make Office Web Apps a great yet dependent utility for End users. By Great yet Dependent, we mean to draw your attention about Microsoft’s strategy to make Office Web Apps, a free value addition to this 2010 edition of Microsoft Office yet make users remain dependent enough on the real stuff, that is, feature packed Microsoft Office 2010 app suite.

As most of us are acquainted by now(assuming that most of the users have tasted Office web apps by now), Office Web Apps are good enough for web based document sharing and co-editing purposes but the rich features & capability of Office applications still resides in Office 2010 desktop app suite.

Office Web Apps is a precisely calculated effort of Microsoft, to fight against Google docs in Cloud Computing space, yet preserve the revenue stream that flows through millions of software sales of desktop version of Office app suite.

But from a user’s perspective, this mixed strategy actually seems to be the right choice as majority of end users are still to get along with the nascent concept of Cloud computing and prefer to remain native rather than going to cloud.

There is no denying of the fact that Cloud is the future of computing but the transition to cloud computing will take its own time. Microsoft seems to be taking the right transitional approach for Office product suite.

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