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MS Office 2010 64 Bit

MS Office 2010 64 bit version is available for downloading. You can also buy ms office 2010 32 bit version

As Office 2010 Beta has already been released, both the options, 32 bit as well as 64 bit versions of Office 2010 are available for download. Now, many of the curious folks are wondering if 32 bit version is better or 64 bit ?

Here are some critical facts to help you decide which version you should go for…!

You should go for 64 bit version of Office 2010 only if….

  • You’re a hardcore professional who often works upto to the upper limit(2GB) of Excel workbooks. 64 bit version helps you work beyond the normal memory limit of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other MS Office apps.
  • You’re extremely careful about your data and want additional security through Data Execution Prevention (DEP) technique
  • You have a 64 bit Windows Vista/7 already

You should opt for 32 bit version of Office 2010 if….

  • You either possess a 32 bit or 64 bit version of Windows Vista/7
  • You don’t want to face any sort of incompatibility issues with ActiveX controls(almost all of them are written for 32 bit Office version)
  • You don’t need an exorbitant amount of memory space when it comes to working with Office apps.
  • You don’t want your graphic elements to render slow and want everything light and fast

In most cases, people don’t go for 64 bit version of Office 2010 and in fact, most retailers don’t even keep the stock for 64 bit versions due to poor demand. office 2010 32 bit version is the de-facto version of Office 2010.

If you wish to buy Microsoft Office 2010, you can approach a retail store or go to online Microsoft Store for buying Office 2010 online. But in case, you aren’t yet ready to buy Office 2010, you may also buy Office 2010 trial version for now and upgrade to full version at any time.

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