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‘MoveYourWeb’ offers Tech services Arbitrage for ‘Drying Ideas/Startups’

moveyourwebIn this article we will tell you about moveyourweb service arbitrage.MoveYourWeb,an offshore outsourcing company that provides web development and lots more.

MoveYourWeb,an offshore outsourcing company that provides web development, game development, animation, iPhone development and internet marketing.

Are you an ‘Idea guy’ who lacks technical muscle to bring your thoughts into reality ? Or you are a startup folk(s) who has some sort of technical insufficiency in scaling up your current concept.

It may also be a case that you’re lacking enough funds(No VCs) to support technical requirements of your startup.If any of the case above matches your situation,we have something today that can save your idea/startup from drying up.

MoveYourWeb,an offshore outsourcing company that provides web development, game development, animation, iPhone development and internet marketing services has recently announced the launch of unique ‘Early stage startup funding program’.

Rather than putting money into an early stage companies,MoveYourWeb provides professional technology services in exchange for equity in the company.

Being experts in web technologies and startup environment and realizing strategic financial benefits of current cost-effective offshore locations, MoveYourWeb is ready to help early stage startups grow from the idea to a company. The typical amount of funding is typically enough to develop working prototype or beta version of a web service before Series A investment happens.

On the procedural front,MoveYourWeb works out proper contracts and the amount of equity is taken on a ‘case by case’ basis, and is open to signing an NDA with entrepreneurs prior to being pitched.

Peter Melnikov,VP of MoveYourWeb said…

‘Having played a critical role in helping startups launch more than 100 successful products, we view this program as a step toward helping entrepreneurs with ideas to start great companies in those hard times when the capital is tight’.

Along with development services, MoveYourWeb also offers to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses providing Internet marketing services,SEO and consulting.

About MoveYourWeb
MoveYourWeb is a leading provider of a wide range outsourcing services, including web development services, game development and animation services, search engine optimization, iPhone development and more. With offices in Minsk and Gomel (Belarus, Eastern Europe), MoveYourWeb has grown into one of the most promising IT outsourcing companies. Founded in 2001 by US ‘returnees’ with actual management experience in the USA, MoveYourWeb has developed methods of bringing together business demands with outsourcing solutions.



  1. Barry

    March 3, 2009 at 11:12 am

    That sounds like a promising concept. Nice move. Especially in these hard times when capital is tight.

  2. IT Outsourcing Company

    January 20, 2010 at 3:33 am

    Yes it is definitely a good scheme for businessmen and smart students, it will provide financial help. I am really impressed by your solution to help start-ups.

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