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Move Mountains and Make it Rain: Interactive Real-Time Map Making – Top Trending Stories

Here are today’s Top 6 News & Events from Around the World. Take a look!


Move Mountains and Make it Rain: Interactive Real-Time Map Making

A man using the augmented reality sandbox
Image Credits: Augmented Reality Sandbox YouTube

You can now build your own landscapes with the help of Augmented Reality Sandbox. Map making has become easier than before because of technology. You can use this sandbox to make your imagination run wild. Create complex topographies and move waters to your desired places. All of this is possible now with just a few gestures. Oliver Kreylos is the man behind this technology. He is a computer scientist at the University of California. In fact, you can download the simulation software for the sandbox for free. All you need after that is a projector, a 3D-camera, and of course some sand. You can check out the website for detailed instructions. Link.



NYC to Ban Cashless Restaurants and Retailers, Is it Possible?

Ritchie Torres in a meeting
Image Credits: Ritchie Torres Facebook

NYC is known for its restaurants and famous retailers. NYC is also the melting pot of ethnicities from across the world, apart from being the world’s financial center. But all is not well in this place, as New York City Council member, Ritchie Torres is taking on the cashless restaurants and retailers. According to Torres, there are 49 million unbanked citizens in the U.S. This population doesn’t possess a credit or a debit card. Hence, they are discriminated by these cashless retailers and restaurants. Torres wants to end this and is going to bring legislation that will fine restaurants and retailers that only deal in cashless mode.



Chinese Google Employees Support Censored Search Engine in China

Sundar Pichai interacting with people
Image Credits: Flickr Michael Thielen

At the time when 277 Google engineers were against the proposed censored search engine in China, there’s also a group of alleged Chinese employees at Google who support this move. Since the day this secret project called ‘Dragonfly’ is out in the open, a group of more than 600 employees at Google has voiced their dissent to this project. But there’s also a large group of Chinese employees who want to see this project succeed. Meanwhile, Google CEO, Sundar Pichai is also going to testify in front of Congress justifying the project.



US Military is Developing Genetically Engineered Lifeforms For Battle

Pentagon aerial view
Image Credits: Flickr

The U.S. is developing various genetically engineered lifeforms that will enable to detect enemy ships and subs without much risk. It involves living camouflage and self-healing paint. The variety of its applications are enormous. Genetically modifying living organisms might raise some ethical issues but it’s not going to stop Pentagon from testing these newer gear for its army. The probable explanation is about saving the lives of military personnel with the use of genetically engineered organisms.



No Privacy for Electric Vehicle Owners in China, What About Your Country?

Tesla car in China
Image Credits: Flickr Elmar

According to a report, Tesla is giving a minute to minute whereabouts of its Chinese electric car owners to the authorities. Not just Tesla, but all other major car makers in China do this without the car owners knowing about it. Are we foreseeing an unavoidable threat to our privacy because of electric vehicles? Is your country any different?



AWS is All Set to Rule the World of Enterprise Computing, Will its Competitors Bite the Dust?

AWS website screen capture
Image Credits: AWS Re:Invent Conference

Amazon’s AWS is its biggest cash cow. This cloud computing business of Amazon is now a $27 billion behemoth. Also, the rate of growth for AWS is a staggering 45% YOY. All these facts point towards the rise of AWS above all its competitors. In the latest conference of AWS, the company has made it clear that it wants to dominate every aspect of enterprise computing leaving its competitors far behind. Last year, AWS came out with over 1400 new features, which is indicative of its intentions to truly take over the cloud business and remain on top for a long time to come.



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